Sunday, November 30, 2008

Play and Salsa Party for the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners

Play and Salsa Party for the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners

Crime Against Humanity
Friday December 12th, 2008
Lobby Opens 7pm

Crime Against Humanity
Hostos Community College
500 Grand Concourse
(4,5,2 trains to W149th St. and Grand Concourse)
Bronx, New York

A fiercely innovative play! A play based on the real life experiences of 14 Puerto Rican Political Prisoners-two of who are still incarcerated. Tickets are $5-$15

NEW YORK PREMIERE! ONE SHOW ONLY! Friday December 12th, 2008 at 7pm

It will make you laugh and cry, but most of all it will make you want to do something free them!


St. Mary's Episcopal Church 521 W126th St.
Between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway
Take the 1 Train to W125th St.

Join us for a night of amazing music, nonstop dancing, Delicious Puerto Rican food, and make sure to bring your checkbook for our Annual Freedom Auction! ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS EVENT GO TO THE PUERTO RICAN POLITICAL PRISONER COMMISSARY FUND!

Suggested donation : $10 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds, all are welcome)

DJ Mellow G mixes amazing Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, RNB, and other music styles that will keep you dancing the night away!

For more information contact ProLibertad at 718-601-4751

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José M. López Sierra said...

Should criminals be in charge of correcting the wrong they inflicted?

Puerto Ricans vote in elections every 4 years at an 80% level of participation. Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States (US) government for the past 116 years. If the US government has the final say in what happens in Puerto Rico, what is the purpose of these elections? The purpose is to fool the world that Puerto Rico is a democracy.

The United Nations (UN) declared colonialism a crime against humanity in 1960. The UN has asked the US government 33 times to decolonize Puerto Rico immediately. The US government has refused. It says that Puerto Rico’s political relationship with the United States is none of the UN’s business. The US says that it is a domestic affair.

To appear that the US government wants to decolonize Puerto Rico, it promotes the use of plebiscites to determine what Puerto Ricans want. Doesn’t that sounds innocent and democratic? So what’s the problem?

To begin with, the international community already rendered its verdict and determined that colonialism is illegal. So to have a political status option in a plebiscite that favors maintaining Puerto Rico a colony of the United States is not permitted. To have a political status option of Puerto Rico becoming a state of the United States is also not permitted under international law. The problem goes back to the beginning of this article. In order to have free elections, the country must be free. So before these elections and plebiscite could be valid, Puerto Rico would have to first be an independent nation.

What people must realize is that Puerto Rico is a colony of the US because the US government wants it that way. That is why it has used terrorism to keep it that way. That is why it refuses to release the Puerto Rican political prisoner of 33 years Oscar López Rivera. That is also why it is ridiculous to believe that decolonization is a US internal matter in which the UN has no jurisdiction over. If we allow the US government to decolonize Puerto Rico, she will remain a colony of the United States forever!

José M López Sierra