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30 Nov 2008: Native News from

Court action questions putting Indian land in trust (NEW YORK) -- Oneida and Madison counties and the state continue to challenge the federal government’s decision to put 13,004 acres in trust for the Oneida Indian Nation.

Shakopee reaches tentative settlement with BIA (MINNESOTA) -- On Tuesday, city leaders will vote on a proposed settlement that would end its lawsuit in the tribal land-trust issue. Under the lawyer-negotiated agreement, 752 acres (572 in Shakopee) of tribal land would still be placed into trust, but the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs would change its process for handling future trust applications.

Navajos wrestle with government reform (ARIZONA) -- The Navajo Nation’s executive and legislative branch continue to wrestle over proposals on how to usher in government reform, tribal officials said.

Convention results in 11 possible amendments to Creek Constitution (OKLAHOMA) -- Muscogee (Creek) Nation voter participation will either approve or reject 11 potential changes to its constitution after the tribe’s first constitutional convention, tribal officials said.

PROPAGANDA ALERT: The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving - Part II / William Bradford Continues (TEXAS) -- I am William Bradford, the second Governor of Plymouth Colony serving on the first Thanksgiving on Dec. 13, 1621. I have explained our reason for coming to America to seek religious freedom and the happenings on our journey to Plymouth Colony previously.

Thank God for killing Patuxets (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Some 20 years ago, I was given a book called "The Light and the Glory," written by David Manuel and Peter Marshall, son of Christian author Catherine Marshall and Peter Marshall, the U.S. Senate chaplain for many years.

OP/ED: Native Americans' story continues today / Their contributions deserve more than 1-day recognition (OREGON) -- Friday marked the nation's first Native American Heritage Day — a day to learn more about the contributions of native peoples in their own right rather than as supporting players in the Pilgrims' drama.

Pilgrims were true survivors at first Thanksgiving (NEW HAMPSHIRE) -- Now that Thanksgiving is over, my mind has been rummaging back into the past (not a good thing for my mind) and thinking how the first Thanksgiving Day actually went.

Court: Tribe can sue university system over blood use (ARIZONA) -- A Native American tribe has been given the goahead to sue the state university system over claims that researchers improperly used blood samples of tribal members — including to undermine tribal beliefs.

Havasupai get go-ahead to sue universities / ASU, UA accused of unauthorized blood analysis (ARIZONA) -- An Indian tribe has won approval to sue the state university system over claims researchers improperly used member blood samples, including for one study that undermined tribal beliefs.

JODI RAVE: Judges to hear Native, federal appeals in Interior trust suit (WASHINGTON, DC) -- A U.S. Court of Appeals panel of judges has agreed to grant an appeal made by both Native landowners and the Interior Department as part of a 12-year-long lawsuit supposedly brought to an end by a federal court ruling this summer.

Lawyer urges Indian sovereignty review (OKLAHOMA) -- An Oklahoma attorney is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider the legal doctrine of sovereign immunity for Indian tribes in light of the increasing expansion of tribes into business operations.

Louisiana tribe signs historic ‘affirmation’ with State of Israel (LOUISIANA) -- The Coushatta Tribe proclaimed its friendship with Israel in a ceremony last week marking the expected start of a relationship with the Mideast state as the Louisiana tribe seeks to extend beyond gambling ventures with Israeli help into new businesses.

Flintco forms Native American division (OKLAHOMA) -- An Oklahoma-based construction company has created a new division to better work with the nation's many American Indian tribes.

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