Wednesday, November 26, 2008

26 Nov 2008: Native News from

Counties raid Cayugas’ cigarette stores (NEW YORK) -- Authorities in two upstate New York counties raided cigarette shops operated by the Cayuga Indian Nation on Tuesday.

Washington may limit Internet cigarette shipments (WASHINGTON) -- Attorney General Rob McKenna says he'll ask the Legislature to ban the shipment of Internet cigarettes to anyone other than licensed wholesalers or retail stores.

The Begich Treaty: The Villages Signed on with Their Votes (ALASKA) -- During his campaign for the US Senate, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich co-wrote a letter to Governor Sarah Palin, widely circulated by his campaign, that decried the lack of governmental response to the crises then confronting Native residents of Alaska villages.

Reservations make blue marks in red states (NORTH DAKOTA) -- Native communities across the belly of the United States appear turquoise pebbles in a crimson belt. North Dakota south to Texas all went red for John McCain on Nov. 4. No surprise to Marcus Wells Jr., Chairman of North Dakota’s Three Affiliated Tribes.

Domenici seeks funding for Indian needs (NEW MEXICO) -- Republican Senator Pete Domenici is joining a push to get the federal government to fund a $2 billion initiative that would provide emergency funding for public safety, water projects and health care for American Indians.

Division requests assessments on effects from uranium mining (ARIZONA) -- The Navajo Division of Health has asked two federal agencies to support comprehensive assessments and research related to impacts on the Navajo Nation from past uranium mining.

Tribal housing agencies file lawsuits against HUD (COLORADO) -- Three American Indian tribes' housing agencies have filed lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, claiming it illegally reduced the amount of annual block grant funding they're entitled to under federal law.

On a mission to heal / Tlingit culture gives Franks strength to reach out through her pain (ALASKA) -- Her youngest son shot himself in the head with the Winchester 30-06 he got as a birthday present from his father. Two days later his father died of colon cancer.

Tribe's pharmacy has grand opening (MICHIGAN) -- The four-color ribbon stretched from cleaning products to tissues - and when it was cut, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe formally celebrated the grand opening of mid-Michigan's newest pharmacy, the tribally owned Cardinal Pharmacy.

Guests or hosts? Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving (ILLINOIS) -- So you think you know all about the first Thanksgiving, right? Then answer this. What was the name of the tribe who celebrated with the Pilgrims following that first harvest?

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