Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 Nov 2008: Native News from PECHANGA.net

Native American Cultural month stirs Chief Illiniwek controversy (ILLINOIS) - The Chief Illiniwek controversy has gained momentum after the Nov. 15 Assembly Hall event featuring a performance of the retired University symbol. Now, some students are questioning what both sides have to say in the ongoing issue.

Tribe wants to tax hotels (ARIZONA) -- Hotel occupancy tax generated by hotels and motels on Navajo Nation land under the control of Navajo Parks & Recreation would go to improve Navajo parks, according to legislation proposed by Resources Committee Chairman George Arthur.

American Indian reservations see record voter turnout (MINNESOTA) -- Stepped-up voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts on area American Indian reservations saw record voter turnout on Election Day.

Indian Claims Iowa Tribal Discrimination (IOWA) -- Tribal laws banning women of the Meskwaki American Indian nation in Iowa from sharing their homes with non-tribal spouses is unconstitutional, attorneys say.

Hopi suspend appellate court (ARIZONA) -- Hopi lawmakers have voted to suspend the tribe’s appellate court, leaving tribal members without an avenue to dispute decisions of the lower court.

Kentucky Victim Of KKK Beating Wins $2.5 Million From Attackers (KENTUCKY) -- A Kentucky teen beaten up by Ku Klux Klan members in 2006 has won $2.5 million in damages from his attackers.

Crownpoint adult ed program awarded (NEW MEXICO) -- From being on probation by the state to earning an Award of Distinction within one year, the Navajo Technical College’s Adult Basic Education Program has come a long way since Jasper Joe took over as director of the ABE program.

Indian youth grapples with modern life (COLORADO) -- Modern American Indian life is rarely portrayed with any nuance in popular culture. Instead we tend to get historical glorification and mythmaking, like "Dances With Wolves," or documentaries about reservation alcoholism or gambling empires.

‘Power Paths’ to premier in Flagstaff (ARIZONA) -- Can America truly achieve energy independence and can Native American nations take the lead in renewable energy?

Morales to visit tribal leaders at NMAI (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Evo Morales, Bolivia’s indigenous president, plans to attend a meeting with North American tribal leaders at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Indian repatriation grants available (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages and corporations, Native Hawaiian organizations, and museums are eligible for Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) grants from the National Park Service.

Severe weather conditions call for action (VIRGINIA) -- The Native American Music Association (NAMA) is joining with NAMAPAAH Radio to provide emergency clothing, heating and utility assistance for elders, children, disabled and the sick living on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations in South Dakota.

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