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Obamanos! (aka…I can’t believe I am writing this..?!

Obamanos! (aka…I can’t believe I am writing this..?!)
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Support for Rod Coronado

The Autumn is settling in here in Tucson, with days still warm enough for tank tops, and nights insisting on long-sleeves. It is a busy time; a time of planting new seeds for the winter garden, social gatherings that held their breath during the hottest days of summer, and nature who is beckoning us to spend out time in her mountains, deserts, and canyons. Here in Arizona, it is the best time. It is the time when I remember Rod being at his happiest. There are so many memories that were woven deep into our tapestry during these days, and they are always dancing in my mind while he sits alone in Oklahoma.

Our children turn another year older in October and November. We dressed up as Jedi Knights our first Halloween together (Rod as Mace Windu), and last year the kids were Harry and Hermione from our favorite reference books. We spend El Dia de los Muertos at the Village remembering our ancestors and remembering the importance of ceremony and culture. There is so much that we are missing out on together, and so much more to look forward to. We keep that as a candle for our hearts. We are so fortunate that we have each other, and if all goes well, it will not be so much longer before we are walking hand in hand.

This season is definitely dominated by the elections, which I usually watch with a bit of disdain. I have always reserved the right to not vote, insisting that representational democracy is just a buy-off, with no real significance to our views, our voices, or our visions of life. I support direct democracy, and I vote on local matters, and I did campaign for Nader back in the day. But generally I held to the idea that it was a stage for our energy to be preoccupied with. It is quite a show.

This time, more than the fear I had of Bush and the entire over-throw of voting process, I feel slightly different. The amount of hate, and anti-American rhetoric scares me. The ignorant folks who want to accuse Obama of being Arab, as if being Arabic is at all something that is negative, and the media which is almost endorsing that, reminds me that although Obama is not a hero for me, it would do a lot for the psyche of the country to get a person of color in that office. Sometimes it feels like McCarthyism, reborn….. The stakes are even higher than they have been. What is scary is that it may not really matter if Obama legally wins, since we have seen in the last two selections that it is very real that it is easy to make scrub lists, and to change voting machines.

I must say, I endorse Obama.

Rod is leading a small campaign in prison. He has Obama on his brain. He is so hopeful that Obama will get in office, he wants to believe in something, he wants to see someone who has had a life more like ours in office.

I argue with him all the time, Obama is part of the neo-liberals, he is a politician, he believes in Free Trade, and “clean coal”. He is part of the club, even if he is not one of the Bushites. No one can get that far without having a few friends on the inside. The debates were as shallow as could be, there was no discussion, only rehearsed talking points to convince us of what they want us to talk about. Where was any real message of change?

I laugh, and think Rod must be getting old, and tired. He believes in the government?

All jokes aside, I can share with you what he believes, and his endorsement. He sees McCain as even worse than Bush. McCain is angry, and almost more ignorant than Bush. He certainly lies without hesitation. He chose Palin, who is a monster, and believes that dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. She is hate embodied.

He wants our children, children of color, to grow seeing the leader of this country a person outside of the good old boys club. He wants the shift to change. He wants to believe. He really does. He wants us to vote. He wants to think that this time it may be possible for positive change to come through a leader. A leader who has a vision.

We are waiting to hear when Rod will get a release date. We are just biding our time. In the mean time, the show is a big one, and it may or may not be important, but it is worth sharing with you since it is something I hear about quite a bit.

So, vote. My vote is in homage to my husband. He cannot vote with felonies, but he can have mine! At least vote on your local issues, those are important! Remember to bring a reminder sheet for which way to vote as wording is often purposefully confusing on the titles.

Be Well, and keep up the good work on the local levels. That is where it is really important. Like little ants, as long as we keep building up our communities, we will be doing the real work.

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