Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Supporters Love YouTube!

Indianz.Com - In The Hoop

October 21, 2008
Obama Supporters Love YouTube!

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama are circulating two videos that appear to make Republican opponent Sen. John McCain look like he always has looked: somewhat crazy!

In The Hoop doesn't know where these videos came from but they look like clips from a somewhat recent interview of McCain. In the first, he says "We all know that Native Americans aren't 'sovereign nations' because they're part of American, their citizens are in our military and everything else."

The clip cuts off his next sentence, in which he probably says "But Native Americans ARE sovereign nations." Why would he say that? Because McCain is a maverick and that's just the kind of stuff he does!

In the second clip, McCain looks all somber when he talks about the "clash of civilizations" between Native Americans and Europeans. "Throughout history, the less mature civilization always suffers," he says. We agree 100 percent! The European Americans just gave themselves $700 billion to bail out their economy. Much much suffering for many many moons.

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