Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nearly 30 minutes of NPR Angola 3 Coverage

Nearly 30 minutes of NPR Angola 3 Coverage: Over the course of the last few months Laura Sullivan of NPR's All Things Considered put together an amazing, in-depth, comprehensive 3 part story that fleshes out the complexities of Angola and the setting for this tragedy in a way that no other single media story on the case has before. Please listen when you get a chance. Thanks again to everyone from the A3 team who made the story possible. It is a really masterful piece of storytelling. Here are direct links to each part:

Part 1: Doubts Arise About 1972 Angola Prison Murder

Part 2: Favors, Inconsistencies Taint Angola Murder Case

Part 3: Why Did Key Angola Witness Go To The 'Dog Pen'?

Herman's House Comes Home To New Orleans: Jackie Sumell and Herman Wallace's groundbreaking art exhibit, The House that Herman Built, will occupy the premier opening spot of Prospect One (the largest biennial of international contemporary art ever organized in the United States: The installation will be housed in the main exhibit building, the Contemporary Arts Center at 900 Camp St in New Orleans starting at noon on Saturday, November 1st and then during regular CAC hours through January 18th. Please go and visit the show next time you are in New Orleans!

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