Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harold Taylor Convicted in Florida

Harold Taylor, one of the San Francisco 8, was convicted of a bogus drug charge in Florida yesterday.

Harold Taylor was arrested last December in Florida on a baseless charge of attempted purchase of cocaine. Several people were swept up in a neighborhood sweep and sting operation at that time. Harold’s case has coincidentally received unusual attention by the Florida court which fast-tracked his prosecution after many months of inactivity. A jury of six white women deliberated less than 15 minutes in the one-day Panama City trial. This prosecution is a result of a new judge and prosecutor taking over, not upon any substantial or new evidence. Two prosecutors worked to present this case over a $20 attempt-to-purchase. FBI agents attended the proceedings.

A thorough search of his person and his van resulted in NO seizure of any substances, legal or illegal. Further, NO allegation is even made that any money was produced. He has NO drug history!!

In short, Harold was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had gone to this neighborhood to thank some of the people that had written letters of support for him when he was seeking release on bail in San Francisco.

Harold Taylor was taken into custody immediately and is scheduled to be sentenced in Panama City December 9th.

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