Friday, October 31, 2008

DNC Native American Caucus Chair: 'Barack Obama has Stood With Us and it is Now Time That We Stand With Him'

DNC Native American Caucus Chair: 'Barack Obama has Stood With Us and it is Now Time That We Stand With Him'

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Stating that "Barack Obama has stood with us and it is now time that we stand with him" Frank LaMere of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska urged Native voters this week to come out in record numbers on Tuesday "to restore the country and the First Nations, and to acknowledge that we must give voice to the generations to come."

LaMere, the Chairman of the Native American Caucus of the Democratic National Committee who guided the Native American delegation at the national convention, is optimistic about the expected turnout and impact of the Indian vote. "Indian country has responded to the Democratic message of change and the need for urgency. From Maine to California and from Washington to Florida the Native focus on the political process is unprecedented. This attention can manifest itself with the election of Barack Obama and countless Democratic state and local candidates who will enjoy Native support but there is much work to be done. We must ignore the negativity of the Republicans that is designed to raise doubts in our minds and to intimidate voters like us. We know the truth about what the Republicans have brought us because we see how it affects our children and grandchildren every day. Let us remain mindful of this through our every action and through our participation in this political process till Tuesday."

"Let there be no mistake about this my relatives", LaMere added. "Every vote will count and will decide much about your future. Cast it proudly and carefully. We have young relatives in harm's way right now who have paid our way to enter the election booth."

"We have many who go without because our leaders have failed us. This election means much to them. Barack Obama understands this while others remain oblivious. Let us, as Native people, help him."

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