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Canada Border Assaults Remind Indigenous Women of Old Indian Story

Canada Border Assaults Remind Indigenous Women of Old Indian Story
By Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Oct. 17, 2008 – The hundreds of Mohawk women who have been harassed, assaulted, threatened, abused, raped, almost killed and “disappeared” at the Cornwall Ontario border crossing are getting to the point where they must challenge the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) goons. This check point has been illegally put right in the middle of the Mohawk community of Akwesasne disrupting the normal flow of life, forcing people to submit to questioning and examinations by officials of a foreign state whose rule we never consented to.

There is no way the CBSA can be confused with honorable defenders of peace loving people against “terrorism.” Like common criminals the goons have become terrorists themselves. They behave worse than street gangs. They are part of a scheme designed to make us defenseless. Their training is created to take advantage of their primitive instincts and emotions. It’s the “Abu Ghraib” syndrome where soldiers tortured, maimed and killed thousands of innocent Iraqis.

The CBSA goons usually attack the women in packs of four to six when they catch these women passing through the border alone, night or day. The goons are well armed with all the latest so called non lethal weaponry like pepper spray, batons, handcuffs and other “pain compliance” gewgaws. They now have the technology to aim and send microwave pulses to fry us. They also have sound battering weapons which can destroy internal organs. Other electro magnetic pulse weaponry can disable electronic equipment and render people non-functional. They are in the process of forcing everyone to carry biometric radio frequency ID [RFID].

The goons uniform consists of steel toed shoes, flak jackets with badges that have numbers instead of names, everything to remove them from personal responsibility for their brutality. Many look bulked up with steroids and appear to be under the influence of legal and non-legal drugs. It’s well known that people under such influence are prone to violent unprovoked behavior. They act together in an out-of-control frenzy. All levels involved back each other up, be they border guards, local cops, courts or other crown agencies. They started out as civil servants and are now “foreign” gangsters who steal and protect goods stolen from us.

The manufactured 911 event is used as their justification. According to the December 3, 2001 “Joint Statement on Cooperation” adopted by the Solicitor General of Canada, Minister of Citizenship and immigration and the Attorney General of the United States, the main concern is protecting the “flow of commerce.” They were careful not to mention that what they are protecting are the resources they are stealing from Indigenous peoples.

The border crossing system is designed to victimize us and eventually eliminate us, not to protect human rights. There are now over 300 and growing reports of abuses of our people at Akwesasne. No one is there to defend or protect us. Because of the climate of fear created by the Canadian government, most of the complaints have been submitted to the Akwesasne Mohawk Council [who work for the government] and not to the Canadian government, courts or human rights commission CHRC. Canadian justice tends to be slow when it isn’t non-existent. After a two year investigation of one case, the CHRC did confirm that discrimination took place and an inquiry was warranted. Euro Canadians are rarely hassled. The average Canadian citizens would probably be shocked to learn what’s really happening at Akwesasne.

The wise Ms. Red XY, an Indigenous sage of the fourth dimension, has been watching this. She is urging Mohawk woman to stand up and protect our rights and that of our children. She is appalled by the behavior these goons are getting away with. They handcuff the women behind their backs and assault them in a mob. They subject them to strip searches and get extra jollies by doing cavity searches.

One elder was almost killed when she was subjected to the well known “stress position” that is used by the US armed forces in their overseas operations. She was violently removed from her car, cuffed and put in a cell in the customs building. While she was suffering a heart attack, she was ordered to bend forward as one stood in front of her trying to pull her down and another tried to push her over from behind. This would have caused death, given the heart attack they had already induced.

Five border guards jumped one woman and tried to rape her in broad day light while video cameras filmed the whole pileup. The result? She was charged with assault because she resisted.

One young woman was forced to drive her SUV under an untested VACIS X-ray machine that was meant for transport and commercial vehicles only. She was pregnant and lost her baby.

Their favorite trick is to wave the Mohawks through the “Indian lane” and then accuse them of “running the border.” From then on they give themselves the right to harass, charge, arrest and assault these women and their family members for many years.

Women are pulled over for groceries, toys and whatever else the goons feel like taking. Our cars are searched, torn apart and taken away. When they can’t find anything, they look for receipts. “Ah, we thought you were up to something” after finding a receipt for shoes. They are taken into the Customs building and verbally brow beaten. If the woman reacts defensively, then plan two is put into motion. The goons don’t let the woman call anyone to let them know what’s happening. Some are abused and some have even been “disappeared,” panicking our families who don’t know what happened to us.

When a women stands up to them, their cop friends follow us on the highway, stop us and give us tickets. Many put their hands out for money or try to get us to “help them out with information” on our families and people in exchange for dropping their threats and charges against us.

Ms. Red XY decided to remind us of an old story about General Clinton when he was in a battle with the Mohawks. He saw one Mohawk warrior standing on top of a hill. He sent ten of his soldiers to go up the hill and kill him. A big fight broke out. Not one returned. His soldiers all died. The lone warrior stood back on the hill and looked down at the colonial army. General Clinton then sent 25 of his best up the hill to kill him. Once again, not a one returned. They too were all killed. Finally, the general send the rest of his army up the hill to finish off this lone warrior. A huge battle ensued. All were killed except for one. He limped back bloody and beaten down the hill. The general asked him, “How could that one warrior stand up to our whole army?” The soldier answered, “He wasn’t alone. He had a Mohawk woman behind him.” Is this the new/old reality?

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