Friday, October 24, 2008

ATTN Oregon Voters

Oregon is voting on a bunch of ballot measures this year—it can be tough to follow them all. But it's crucial that everyone knows what they're voting on.

So a big coalition of progressive organizations has put together a voter guide for Oregon, including the Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon PTA, League of Women Voters, SEIU & AFL-CIO, Oregon teacher organizations, and others. The simple message of the Defend Oregon coalition is: on measures 54 through 64, "First Four and No More." 54 to 57 are good—58 to 64 are bad.

Coalition Director Kevin Looper says, "Many of these measures are confusing to voters, some intentionally so. Such as right-wing initiative activist Bill Sizemore's Measure 64, which would increase the power of big corporations like oil and tobacco companies while hurting Oregon's working people and charities."

We wanted to make sure you had this guide at your disposal. The coalition's website is here:

A direct link to the voter guide is here (PDF format):

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