Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ATTN Musical Performers

From: J. D. Nash
Date: Oct 12, 2008
Subject: Upcoming Event

As you may or may not know, J.D. Nash is a founding member of the Oglala Commemoration Committee.

The annual Oglala Commemoration is held in Oglala, South Dakota on June 26th of each year and commemorates the terrible events that led to the deaths of 2 FBI agents (Williams and Coler); an AIM member (Joe Stuntz Killsright) and the continued unjust incarceration of Leonard Peltier.

The event each year consists of a gathering at the Little Family Cemetery (Joe Stuntz grave) for prayers. From there a memorial walk to the Jumping Bull property where the shoot-out on June 26th, 1975 took place. There we hear from survivors of the Reign of Terror on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the annual written statement from Leonard, other guest speakers and leaders. Also an annual give-away takes place at that time. After this gathering we move down the road into the town of Oglala where a community feast and concert for the youth take place.

This is where you come in ...

Over the years, some very talented musicians, singers, speakers have taken part in this event. Some of these have included Wayquay, Darren Geffre, Little Hawk, Buggin' Malone, Skylar Wolf, John Trudell, Redsoul, Donna Augustine, Jim Page, Winona LaDuke, Vernon Bellecourt, Harvey Arden, Storm, Eddy Lawrence, Jack Black, Steel River, Tom Poor Bear, Russell Blacksmith, Julian B, Spiderzback, Native Era, Bruce Ellison, Robby Romero, Dale Alan, Luke Warm Water, Arrowspace, and many others.

We are asking that any entertainers, native or not, who are interested in performing at this event please contact us through J.D. Nash's MySpace page: www.myspace.com/oljd or the Oglala Commemoration: www.myspace.com/oglalacommemoration (or email: oglala_commemoration@yahoo.com).

This is a benefit show with all proceeds going to the Leonard Peltier Scholarship Fund (this offers scholarship money to a local student to attend Oglala Lakota College); Christmas Toy Drive; School Supply Drive and other charitable work on the Pine Ridge Reservation at the behest of Leonard Peltier and Grandmother Roselyn Jumping Bull.

The Committee is able to offer the entertainers food, lodging, and a table from which to sell their merchandise to help recoup travel expenses.

If you are not able to attend the event, you can still help. Most of the operating costs of this annual event are made by online auctions. Your generous donations of autographed merchandise (CD's, t-shirts, etc.) would greatly help in the raising of much needed funds for this event. We also gratefully accept gifts of artwork, beadwork, blankets, quilts, etc. for either auction or give-away.

Please feel free to contact us for further details. The event this year will be held on June 26th, so there is plenty of time to try and schedule your appearance or make a donation.

Some artists have already contacted us and we are in negotiations with them at this time. ALL performance artists are welcome to donate their time and talent for this worthwhile event.

Please pass this to others you may think would be interested.

Many Thanks,

Red Circle

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