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25 Oct 2008: Native News from

Fuel costs top the list of AFN village worries (ALASKA) -- In the Norton Sound village of Koyuk, it takes gas to catch fish and hunt for seals and birds. Melvin Otton, a carpenter and village council president, estimates that fuel costs have doubled in the past year, meaning two or three hunters sometimes pool their money for a single trip.

Palin forms group to address Alaska Native issues (ALASKA) -- Gov. Sarah Palin is forming an administrative group to address issues in largely Native, rural parts of the state.

Obama's Native Vote Director Takes Stand (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Much like the dog soldiers of his people, the Rosebud Lakota, Wizipan Garriott has planted his staff and doesn't plan to budge - at least not until the end of the election.

Obama: A full partnership with Indian country (WASHINGTON, DC) -- For 20 months now, I’ve traveled this country, often talking about how the needs of the American people are going unmet by Washington. And the truth is, few have been ignored by Washington for as long as American Indians.

McCain and Obama deliver video messages to NCAI (ARIZONA) -- With just two weeks before the November 4 presidential election, John McCain and Barack Obama made an appeal to Indian voters on Tuesday as they head into final stretch of the campaign.

Palin to testify on Troopergate (ALASKA) -- A deposition by Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin over the firing of her state's public safety commissioner would be the first time the Alaska governor has spoken at length or under oath about the lingering controversy.

Ninth Circuit Revives Indian’s Charge in Cigarette Trafficking Case (WASHINGTON) -- Members of the Yakama Indian tribe in Washington may be exempt from prosecution for trafficking in contraband cigarettes, but they face racketeering charges if they conspire with nonmembers to do so, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday.

Black Mesa project controversy rises / A waning administration’s actions may contribute to a tribal mining dispute (ARIZONA) -- A push to approve a Peabody Western Coal Co. project in northern Arizona may be dividing the Hopi Tribal Council and fueling an attempted ouster of the tribal chairman.

Arrest warrant for Hopi chairman quashed (ARIZONA) -- An arrest warrant issued against the Hopi tribal chairman in an ongoing political dispute has been quashed at the chairman's request.

Crow Butte uranium mine’s license renewal protested (MONTANA) -- Opponents of the Crow Butte Resources uranium mine near Crawford used a two-day hearing in Chadron last week to try and convince a panel of Nuclear Regulatory Commission judges that the mine’s operation poses a danger to area water supplies, and may be causing significant health effects on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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