Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21 Oct 2008: Today's Democracy Now!

Iraqis Protest Proposed Deal to Allow US Troops to Stay in Iraq Until 2011
On Saturday, tens of thousands of Iraqis demonstrated against the proposed Status of Forces Agreement, but US military chief Michael Mullen warned today that Iraq could risk “losses of significant consequence” if the deal is not approved quickly. We speak to Patrick Cockburn and Raed Jarrar. [includes rush transcript]

John Nichols on the GOP's New McCarthyism and the 2008 Congressional Races
On Friday, Republican Congress member Michele Bachmann of Minnesota stoked controversy after calling Barack Obama “Anti-American” while urging the media to launch an investigation to determine who in Congress is pro-American or anti-American. Bachmann’s re-election now seems a bit less certain. We look at Bachmann’s race and other closely contested congressional races.

Barack Obama Accepts Endorsement of Colin Powell Despite the Ex-General's Role in Making the Case for Iraq War
While Powell’s endorsement is big news, his critical role in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq has been glossed over, particularly his February 2003 address to the United Nations where he made the case for war with Iraq. Today, we host a critical discussion on what this endorsement means for the antiwar movement and progressives across this country. We speak to David Sirota and Glen Ford.

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