Monday, October 13, 2008

13 Oct 2008: Native News from

NCAI Issues Report Card on Congressional Bills Affecting Native Americans (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is disappointed that Congress failed to vote on the Reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) of 2007 (S. 1200) before ending its session, continuing to put the lives of Native people at risk.

Advocates consider next step on health care bill (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The Indian Health Care Improvement Act reauthorization bill, turned back by the Bush administration and its congressional allies in the 108th, the 109th and now the 110th Congress, will continue to be a priority for Indian country next year, according to the bill’s leading organizational advocates and lobbyists.

Sweeney: Pragmatism, common ground for energy independence (ALASKA) -- My name is Tara Mac Lean Sweeney; I am an Iñupiaq Eskimo from Barrow, Alaska. My bloodlines are Panigeo and Ahmaogak, families with histories of public service and advocacy for our people.

Opinion / Palin attacks Native peoples of Alaska (OREGON) -- Both the state courts and federal courts have five times already struck down Sarah Palin's attack on Alaskan Native subsistence rights. There is perhaps no issue of greater importance to native peoples. She still has one lawsuit pending.

Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, was a fixture at governor's office (ALASKA) -- Barely two weeks after Sarah Palin had been sworn in as Alaska's governor, in December 2006, then-Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan's executive secretary got a confusing phone call from Palin's office: The first gentleman would like to schedule a meeting with her boss.

Treaty of Transformation: 13 Indigenous Women in Denver Deliver Message of Hope (COLORADO) -- The events to resist the legacy of Columbus are not even over, but I believe a new direction for this movement has arrived and was received with a welcome sigh of relief, some tears, a little resistance, but all in all a symbolic gesture of a new beginning for Denver communities needing to heal their grieving hearts from the decimation of our relatives and continued genocide as a constant reminder.

Voting Plugged on First Nations Day (NORTH DAKOTA) -- The president of United Tribes Technical College is encouraging tribal members to vote. David Gipp gave the keynote speech at the state Capitol to mark First Nations Day in North Dakota.

Student group rejects Columbus Day (IDAHO) -- The Intertribal Native Council, a student organization sponsored by the Cultural Center, will hold events celebrating Indigenous People’s Day to reject the observation of Columbus Day.

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