Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Week from Indian Country Today

Cole calls for all hands on deck – just to hold on

WASHINGTON – Heading into a crucial few days on Capitol Hill that could define the financial prospects of a generation, Rep. Tom Cole called on Indian country to “batten down the hatches ... and hold on to what we have.” The Oklahoma Republican, a Chickasaw citizen, said that almost anything Congress does to address the current crisis in accessible credit will damage the budget for domestic discretionary spending in the next presidential administration.

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Passaconaway’s descendants struggle to protect sacred site
YORK, Maine – When oral tradition and spiritual practice come up against the dominant society’s ideas about property rights and land use, who gets to decide what is historical fact, what is legend and what is sacred?
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Indian Affairs leaders support NAGPRA review
Startup network seeks to encourage intertribal commerce
Campbell sheds light on McCain gaming bill from 2006
LaRocque offers law officer training at UTTC
Applying NAGPRA in Hawaii
Washington in brief
Brotherton Indians’ recognition efforts take step forward
‘Fulfilling a Prophecy’
NDNSkins helps to bring cultural awareness to all people
Immersive video game aims to revitalize American Indian languages
Tulalip Tribal Youth Day participants visit Microsoft Corp.
Restoring native prairie provides economic, cultural benefits
An agreement honored
Appellate court: Secular history underlies Las Cruce’s official symbol
Chairman of Vermont Indian affairs commission resigns
Fort Sill project threatens sacred site
HUD awards $5M to tribal colleges
State tobacco taxes blocked on Yakama reservation
When the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply
Murkowski on her Indian Affairs service
Utes file lawsuit against John Jurrius
House bill would wipe out Indian tobacco industry
Washington in brief
State tobacco taxes blocked on Yakama reservation


Rosenfeld: Alaska is a disaster

After 11 years working in rural Alaska, I feel obligated to share my observations regarding the Third World living conditions facing more than 200 rural Native communities, and the state of Alaska’s lack of attention to the many inequities they suffer. Read more »

U.S. financial fix cures no ills
Newcomb: The moral stain of the Capitan Grande Indian removal
Russell: Presidential snakes on the Indian plane
Peter: An indigenous vision to heal America
Coulter: Anniversary of the UN Declaration: More must be done
Garcia: Stand up, Congress, and pass Indian health legislation
Duran: 9th Circuit revives slot suits
Identity trends should be addressed with respect, openness
Speak for yourself, Sarah
Nighthorse Campbell: Governor Palin supports Native communities
Miller: Sarah Palin’s hostile record on Alaska Native subsistence
An Olympic opportunity for Declaration
Next president should heed declaration
Tribal sovereignty in the 21st century
Cobell: More than a question of dollars
Tribes, states must manage concurrent powers
Trimble: No easy answers in Indian country
Russell: Is it a good day to be Indigenous?
Frank Jr.: The drum beats for everyone
Frank Jr.: Will the rivers run dry?
Response: More on ‘lies and damn lies’
Mankiller: Energized and hopeful for Sen. Barack Obama
Researching violence, recovering responsibility
Barreiro: Immigration issue sparks American racism
Trimble: Let go the chains of victimhood

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