Saturday, September 13, 2008

This Week from Indian Country Today

GOP platform includes Native-specific language and goals
WASHINGTON - Delegates and leaders of the Republican National Convention have approved a national party platform for the next four years that includes several Indian-focused provisions.
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Featured Stories

Cobell: More than a question of dollars
Potlatch Fund brings philanthropy to tribal communities
Pine Ridge and Standing Rock cop surges ease crime
Grand Canyon uranium mining temporarily on hold
Briggs: New tack for Indian health care
Tallbear: 'Exceptionalism' narrative doesn't jive
Newcomb: Above all: Kumeyaay water rights affirmed

Lead Editorial

Tribes, states must manage concurrent powers
Posted: September 05, 2008
Editors Report / Indian Country Today
The Soboba Band of Luise?o Indians has a long history of upholding its political sovereignty. It also has a long history of legal actions and encounters with state and county authorities. Police refer to the Soboba reservation as ''hostile Indian country'' to this day. After the most recent shooting incident of several since 2002, Soboba chairman Robert Salgado reported county police did not respect his authority, and did not cooperate with him as the reservation's elected leader.
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Special Focus

Authorities uncertain when to reopen Supai village
Posted: August 22, 2008
The Associated Press /
By Chris Kahn -- Associated Press PHOENIX (AP) - It's uncertain when American Indians living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon will be able to return home as thunderstorms continued to soak a region where flooding forced the evacuation of scores of people, authorities said Aug. 18. more >>

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