Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Sep 2008: Native News from PECHANGA.net

Indian identity remains in question (OKLAHOMA) -- More than five centuries after Europeans made their first recorded contact with Native Americans, who they mistakenly termed Indians, the debate continues over who can claim to be Indian.

BIA head hopes "community policing" cuts rez crime (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Besides adding officers to American Indian reservations plagued by crime, a concept called community policing promises to give people ownership of those areas, according to Pat Ragsdale, director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Seminole tribe slates election (OKLAHOMA) -- The Seminole Nation has set a Sept. 20 special election to determine whether to establish a tribal court and remove U.S. secretarial approval of tribal constitutional amendments.

STOP THE VOTE: Voters required to show ID before voting (ARIZONA) -- The law that requires voters to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote and identification at the polls was upheld by U.S. District Judge Roslyn O. Silver on Aug. 20.

OP/ED: Gov. Paterson's style could forge Indian tax deal (NEW YORK) -- The conciliatory side of Gov. Paterson hasn't always played out to the state's benefit. For example, he gave in too readily last spring on the budget, an error he gamely has tried to fix by pushing for more cuts and ordering lawmakers back for a special session.

LETTER: Time to collect unpaid state cigarette taxes (NEW YORK) -- Governor Paterson is absolutely right — New York state must face budget issues head-on and address the growing fiscal crisis with courage. To us, "courage" includes collecting taxes on tobacco products sold by Native American retailers.

Indian cigarette tax bill action urged (NEW YORK) -- State Sen. Michael Nozzolio, R-Fayette, this week sent a letter to Gov. David Paterson seeking support for his bill that would force Native American businesses to pay state sales tax on cigarettes they now sell tax-free.

Tribe opposes coal fired plants (MICHIGAN) -- The Tribal Council of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe made it clear, by resolution, that they are opposed to and deeply concerned about the impact the eight proposed coal fired plants will have on Michigan, the Tribe and the future "seven generations" of people.

Racial profiling not a problem (MONTANA) -- Great Falls and Havre police don't discriminate by race when they pull people over, according to statistics collected by each department.

JODI RAVE: BIA finally allowed to hook back up to the Web (MONTANA) -- Howard Bemer didn't think he'd survive life without e-mail after a federal judge disconnected the Bureau of Indian Affairs from the Internet.

Tribe struggles to aid tornado victims (NORTH DAKOTA) -- The storms struck without warning on a sunny July afternoon, residents say. Some say there were as many as five storms, erasing a 20-mile-long path through the hills just north of Belcourt before shattering a neighborhood in Rolla.

Officials: Improved alert system could help tribe (ARIZONA) -- Recent flooding on an American Indian reservation in the Grand Canyon has renewed talks of an alert system that could help tourists and residents evacuate more quickly during floods.

Suspect in Pala reservation shooting arrested (CALIFORNIA) -- A man wanted in connection with the shooting death of a woman and the wounding of a man on the Pala reservation was arrested in Riverside County Sunday evening.

Native elders, educators call for greater indigenous inclusion in climate change dialogue (KANSAS) -- Tribal elders, educators and scholars are calling for inclusion of indigenous voices in the current international dialogue on global climate change.

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