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12 Sep 2008: Native News from

For payout or pride, more claim Native American heritage (USA) -- A new generation of Americans is identifying itself as Native American, pushing the growth rate of that group higher than the nation's general population.

Federal Oil Officials Accused In Sex and Drugs Scandal (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Employees of the federal agency that last year collected more than $11 billion in royalties from oil and gas companies broke government rules and created a "culture of ethical failure" by allegedly accepting gifts from and having sex with industry representatives, the Interior Department's top watchdog said Wednesday.

OP/ED: Anything Goes, Apparently (WASHINGTON, DC) -- It seemed inevitable that bad things would happen when President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney packed the top posts at the Department of the Interior with lobbyists who had spent their careers representing the very industries they were now being asked to regulate.

Interior: Sex, oil no mix / Punishment is pledged for ethics lapses at the Lakewood office as Congress wades in. (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The Interior Department is considering random drug testing and is disciplining employees following revelations of a sex, drugs and graft scandal at Lakewood-based Minerals Management Service.

Interior Dept. scandal: Sex, drugs, energy deals probed at Denver office (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Government workers in Denver engaged in secret sex and drug abuse with oil company employees and accepted thousand of dollars in gifts while handling billions of dollars worth of energy contracts, federal investigators said today.

OST plan could address issues (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- The mid-August scuffle at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that resulted in several police officers resigning has had ripple effects that may lead to a safer, more well-policed community.

BIA head reviews UKB trust land appeal (OKLAHOMA) -- The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians has appealed a Bureau of Indian Affairs decision that denied the tribe trust land.

What’s Palin’s Record on Native Issues? (NEBRASKA) -- With 13 percent of its nearly 670,000 residents considered Native, Alaska has one of the highest percentages of Native people of any state in the country.

Palin staff may fight Troopergate subpoenas (ALASKA) -- Gov. Sarah Palin's administration is threatening to block any subpoenas by the Alaska Legislature as it investigates whether she abused her authority in trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper.

Tobacco use stays legal on Navajo land (ARIZONA) -- Smoking and chewing tobacco in public places on the Navajo Nation remains legal after tribal lawmakers failed Thursday to override a veto of a bill that would have banned it.

Council fails to override 3 vetoes by Shirley (ARIZONA) -- The Navajo Nation Council failed to override all three of President Joe Shirley Jr.'s vetoes that went before them today, Sept. 11.

Navajo Council fails to override tobacco ban veto (ARIZONA) -- Navajo lawmakers failed to override a veto of a bill that would have banned smoking and chewing tobacco on tribal property.

Navajo Nation delays move to take over monument (ARIZONA) -- The Navajo Nation's Tribal Council has decided not to vote on a plan to seek full control of Canyon de Chelly National Monument at a special meeting on Thursday.

Election help using Yup’ik language scrutinized (ALASKA) -- The Alaska primary elections were watched for the outcome of contentious ballot measures and the test of upstart candidates’ campaign mettle.

Ousted tribal members put their hopes in U.S. District Court judge (WASHINGTON) -- Carolyn Lubenau may no longer officially be a member of the Snoqualmie Tribe, but she’s not yet ready to give up the fight for her heritage.

Tribe sues Jurrius (UTAH) -- The Ute Indian Tribe has filed a civil lawsuit against its former financial adviser saying that he defrauded the tribe and its members.

Klamath Tribes propose biomass energy plant (OREGON) -- The Klamath Tribes say a proposed biomass energy plant would cost about $8 million to $12 million to build.

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