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31 Aug 2008: Native News from

It's 'Like Déjà Vu:' Houmas Wait for Gustav (LOUISIANA) -- A birthday party is scaled back. Baby gifts and nursery furniture are stored. And families are divided over who will go and who will stay.

Houmas Evacuate; Gustav Landfall Monday (LOUISIANA) -- Residents of two Louisiana parishes, home to the largest number of Houma Indians in the state, evacuated their homes and businesses Saturday as Hurricane Gustav threatened to strike the area Monday.

Native health care legislation occupies forum at the DNC (DENVER) -- A key bill assuring health care for Natives is stalled in the U.S. House of Representatives where adjournment is only a few weeks away, but legislators and tribal leaders hope for a last-minute strategy to ensure its passage.

Editorial / Long way to go yet (NEW YORK) -- The mission of Team Obama at the Democratic National Convention was threefold: to ''introduce'' the candidate and his running mate to the country; to project party unity in the aftermath of the bruising primary battle between Sen. Barak Obama and rival Sen. Hillary Clinton; and to convince moderates and independents that voting for Sen. John McCain is essentially a vote for President George W. Bush.

Cheerleaders for McCain: A View of the VP Choice (USA) -- As I watched the opening ceremony for John McCain's announcement of his Republican vice presidential running mate, I noticed that they used local cheerleaders to rev up the crowd in Dayton, Ohio.

BRENDA NORRELL: Denver Democratic National Convention, this isn't OZ (DENVER) -- If you relied on the mainstream media for coverage of this week's Democratic National Convention, you probably visualized everyone clicking their heels together and entering the land of OZ.

Top Job: Names Floated for Native Policy Adviser (DENVER) -- While it's certainly not a vice-presidential pick, speculation is heating up over Sen. Barack Obama's eventual choice for the White House-level Native policy adviser position he has promised to create if elected.

Inupiaq Woman Tells Obama Her People's Story (DENVER) -- As her college peers spent their summer guarding pools and attending classes, Holly Miowak Stebing traveled the roads of Alaska interviewing Native Alaskan elders.

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