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27 Aug 2008: Native News from

Disenrollment issue derails Barona-sponsored bill on trespassing (CALIFORNIA) -- Over the past 18 months, a Barona-sponsored measure to create a new infraction with fines of up to $500 for trespassing on Indian reservations moved through the Legislature without a single no vote.

Reed, Abramoff and McCain the target of American Indians in Denver (DENVER) -- A caucus of American Indian political leaders in Denver is considering a resolution that ties convicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff to Republican presidential candidate John McCain — through the person of Ralph Reed.

DNC Native caucus slams McCain on lobbying (DENVER) -- On opening day of the Democratic National Convention, several American Indian political leaders who support Sen. Barack Obama took the opportunity to tie disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff to the Republican party and to Sen. John McCain.

Tribes in So. California playing key roles at Democratic National Convention (CALIFORNIA) -- Tribes in Southern California are playing key roles at the Democratic National Convention, as observers and as delegates.

An Obama Radio Ad in Navajo? Not So Far (DENVER) -- Navajos say they haven't heard Barack Obama on their radio stations, and officials at stations whose largest audience is members of the tribe concur.

United Tribes College president speaks to Demos (DENVER) -- The president of United Tribes Technical College told delegates to the Democratic National Convention that American Indians are not just another special interest group.

GRAHAM: Native Americans Against Obama For Good Reasons (OKLAHOMA) -- Native Americans Against Obama came about for two good reasons. The first reason covers Obama's total lack of knowledge concerning world issues as to how an American president should respond to a global issue.

Native Section of Democratic Platform Stresses Sovereignty (DENVER) -- On a night of high drama with Ted Kennedy's reemergence and Michelle Obama's poignant words for her husband's candidacy, much of the important business at the Democratic National Convention had taken place hours, even months earlier.

JODI RAVE: Lakota college president to address Native issues at DNC (DENVER) -- Educator David Gipp, the only Native person scheduled to address delegates at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, plans to share a few ideas on how the White House can renew its promise of a better life for all Americans.

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