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22 Aug 2008: Native News from

American Indians suffer more trauma, speaker says (MONTANA) -- American Indians suffer more frequent and more serious trauma than do people of other races, but their cultural roots are uniquely poised to help them overcome hardship and achieve wellbeing.

BIA defends transfer of officers (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- A surge of 20 additional police officers fighting lawlessness on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation has been partly deployed to a reservation deep in South Dakota, because law and order there reached a crisis point in recent weeks.

BIA won't take over Pine Ridge law enforcement (SOUTH DAKOTA) - The Bureau of Indian Affairs does not plan to take over law enforcement on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation but will decide when its month-long boost in officers ends, Elmer Four Dance, the BIA's regional special agent in charge, said Friday.

BIA officers who helped at Pine Ridge headed back to Standing Rock (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- An agent with the Bureau of Indian Affairs says a drop in crime on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation shows that putting more officers in an area has a major impact.

10% of tribal office's budget held (ARIZONA) -- The Division of Community Development’s Capital Improvement Office has failed to comply with a corrective action plan approved by the Budget and Finance Committee in 2001 and remains under sanction.

Response: More on 'lies and damn lies' (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- On July 28, distinguished professors Carole Goldberg and Kevin Washburn wrote an opinion piece in Indian Country Today [Vol. 28, Iss. 8] stating, ''It would be a mistake to accept the conclusions of the South Dakota study,'' which is set to be published this winter in American Indian Culture and Research Journal.

Widow of murdered band member says she was pushed off reserve (NEW BRUNSWICK) -- The widow of a St. Mary's First Nation man who was murdered five years ago says she's been forced to leave the reserve, but the band maintains she wasn't pushed away.

Video helps tribal leaders educate about sex abuse (ALASKA) -- After 14 children in an Alaska Native community were sexually abused by one person, tribal leaders began looking for ways to educate and heal their people.

Chief grandma tells it how it is (OREGON) -- When Agnes Baker Pilgrim, who turns 84 in September, wakes up each day, she said she's usually grinning.

Frank: Will the rivers run dry? (WASHINGTON) -- What would it matter if we clean up Puget Sound if the rivers feeding it run dry? We took a small step closer to making sure we always have water in our rivers when King County (Wash.) Judge Jim Rogers struck down a bad piece of state water law.

Judge: LNG lease is valid (MAINE) -- A federal judge in Bangor last week dismissed a lawsuit filed by members of the Passamaquoddy Tribe against the Bureau of Indian Affairs over the lease of tribal land to an Oklahoma company that wants to build a liquefied natural gas terminal there.

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