Sunday, August 17, 2008

2009 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar Now!

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Featuring DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving), Philly's Pissed, Incite!, Sumoud, Alvaro Luna Hernandez, Inside Books Project, Laura Whitehorn, Robert Seth Hayes, David Gilbert, Herman Bell, Peter Collins, The Cuban Five, Victory Gardens, Common Ground, Native Youth Movement and more!

It has always been one of our goals in producing Certain Days to inspire organizers to keep on fighting. The calendar is an organizing tool – a fundraiser as well as a medium to spread information – but we also aim to have it be a reminder that we're in this to win. In trying to select the theme for this year's edition of Certain Days, we wanted to focus on this – on the hope and inspiration that is needed to sustain the often daunting day-to-day work of creating a more just society.

Grassroots campaigns – past and present, inside and outside prisons – provide many, many examples of how we can win, and how in many ways we already are. Across the continent and around the world people are building community resources and practices that give a glimpse of the society we hope to build. This year's edition of Certain Days features writing and artwork about such local grassroots organizing efforts.

AIDS education, Palestinian solidarity, Indigenous resistance against the Olympics, and ending violence against women are just some of the topics that grace these pages. Many of the images were originally produced as posters or graphics for grassroots campaigns – the art itself is activism.

As mentioned above, this calendar is meant to be an organizing tool. We hope that its content inspires and informs your own work, but moreover if you have fundraising to do for your campaign(s) we encourage you to get in touch about distributing the calendar in your community, and putting the difference between the bulk price and the cover price back into your own organizing. Groups that have done this in the past tell us that this has not only help them raise funds, but allowed them to engage the buyers in a dialogue about the connections between the work they do and the work of winning freedom for political prisoners.
We see strong connections between the struggles inside the prison walls and those on the outside, between the organizing that landed political prisoners in prison in the first place and the campaigns to free them, between prisoner justice work and the many other forms of justice work discussed in this edition of the calendar. We hope to see these connections deepened by dialogue and solidarity between the many movements represented here. There are lessons to be drawn, and inspiration too.

Enjoy the calendar, and keep up the good work!

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