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10 Aug 2008: Native News from

Will State Collect Cigarette Tax From Senecas?
(NEW YORK) -- As our lawmakers look for ways to save money, they've approved a plan to tax cigarette sales on Indian reservations. The New York State Senate approved legislation Friday that would require retailers on Indian reservations to charge a tax on tobacco sales.

Legislature moves to collect taxes on reservation cigarette sales (NEW YORK) -- Surprising lobbyists on both sides of the issue, state lawmakers gave final passage Friday to a measure that would end tax-free cigarette sales by American Indian retailers to non-Indians.

Court reversal on San Francisco Peaks magnifies collapse of US democracy (ARIZONA) -- Bending under pressure from the Bush Administration, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an earlier decision which halted plans to make sewer water into snow for San Francisco Peaks, sacred to 13 Native American Nations.

Cobell decision close to low figure cited by government (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Holding true to his promise to resolve the long-running Cobell case, a federal judge on Thursday said Indian beneficiaries are only owed $455.6 million for the historical mismanagement of their trust funds.

Cobell says Indians will appeal trust ruling (MONTANA) -- Elouise Cobell, the lead plaintiff in long-running trust case against the Interior Department, said a judge's $455 million ruling will be appealed "as soon as possible."

Judge: Kaweah charges stand / A "good faith" defense -- that the group's leader did not intend to commit any crimes -- is rejected. (KANSAS) -- A federal judge Friday refused to dismiss charges against the self-proclaimed grand chief of the Kaweah Indian Nation. U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown denied a defense motion that claimed the evidence did not overcome a "good faith" defense that Malcolm Webber did not intend to commit any crimes.

Candidate challenges Oneida tribal election (WISCONSIN) -- One of the losing candidates for tribal chairman has filed a petition and a temporary injunction, citing election irregularities during the Oneida Tribe of Indians' triennial election.

Tribal leaders, Thune huddle / Some feel left out after surge targets crime on one reservation (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- The surge in law enforcement on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation came at the expense of other tribes, Lower Brule Chairman Mike Jandreau told Sen. John Thune on Friday.

Report: Tribes need $8.4 billion to upgrade jails (WASHINGTON, DC) -- A Bureau of Indian Affairs draft report says the federal government needs to spend $8.4 billion to bring tribal and federal detention centers in Indian Country up to current standards and to relieve overcrowding during peak periods.

BIA report on detention facilities made public (WASHINGTON, DC) -- After a threat of subpoena, a Bureau of Indian Affairs report on the conditions of detention facilities in Indian Country has finally been made public over the objections of the Bush administration.

BIA shuts 'unsafe' jail in Pine Ridge / Security issue: Prisoners moved to tribal facility (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- In yet another sign of problems facing the criminal justice system on Native American lands, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has closed its jail in Pine Ridge because of deteriorating conditions that officials say made it unsafe for both inmates and staff.

BIA shuts down jail (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- The Bureau of Indian Affairs has closed its jail in Pine Ridge because of deteriorating conditions that officials say made it unsafe for inmates and staff.

Operation Firewater / Task force pulls off biggest bootlegging bust in Diné history (ARIZONA) -- In the harsh light of U.S. Magistrate Court, the alleged bootleggers don't look so tough. Even tattooed, shaven-pated Nathaniel Yellowhair, who on Friday couldn't form a sentence without at least two expletives, is dusting off the "sirs" and "ma'ams."

Crow Tribe strikes deal for $7 billion coal project (MONTANA) -- The Crow Indian Tribe has signed an agreement with an Australian company that could eventually bring $1 billion a year to the tribe.

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