Saturday, August 9, 2008

08 Aug 2008: Native News from

State Legislature passes surprise bill to tax Indian cigarettes (NEW YORK) -- Final passage was given today to legislation aimed at ending tax-free cigarette sales by Indian retailers. The measure, which had died in the Senate in June, was suddenly resurrected today during a one-day special session of the Senate.

Ninth Court sides with Snowbowl in San Francisco Peaks dispute (ARIZONA) -- The operators of Snowbowl are entitled to use recycled sewage to make snow on the San Francisco Peaks despite objections of several Native American tribes, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday.

Tribes, Environmental Organizations to Continue Effort to Protect Vulnerable Population, Sacred Mountain from Ski Resort Development and Pollution (ARIZONA) -- Arizona’s sacred San Francisco Peaks and the neighboring tribal communities were denied environmental justice today in a split decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling in favor of the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort in its efforts to expand and contaminate the area.

Gov. Liable for $455M in American Indian Trust Dispute (WASHINGTON, DC) -- In a long-running dispute involving claims that the federal government has swindled American Indians under a trust account system created more than 100 years ago, a federal judge has sided, to a point, with the trust holders.

BLOG: Judge Awards Native Americans $455M in Trust Case--Far Less Than Sought (WASHINGTON, DC) -- A federal judge ruled yesterday that the government owes Native American plaintiffs $455 million for mismanaging and withholding mineral royalties, grazing fees, and other revenues overseen by the Department of Interior.

Gas company, tribe nearing right of way agreement (NEW MEXICO) -- The Navajo Nation and El Paso Natural Gas Co. are nearing an agreement on a right of way easement that would allow the company to continue operating 900 miles of pipeline on the reservation.

Charter school head is suspect in money theft (MINNESOTA) -- The executive director of a Minneapolis charter school is under investigation by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office for allegedly embezzling school funds after a recent audit showed more than $160,000 unaccounted for.

American Indian charter school faces closure (MINNESOTA) -- A school founded almost 40 years ago by the American Indian Movement may have held its last class.

Goshute Tribe Opposes Water Pumping (NEVADA) -- A Nevada Indian tribe intends to fight the water authority's plan to pipe water from rural Nevada to the Las Vegas valley.

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