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Interior secretary rebukes Seminoles on takeover of mobile home park (FLORIDA) -- A federal agency charged with guarding the interests of Indian tribes took the unusual step of rebuking the Seminoles on Friday for their forced takeover of a mobile home park, calling it an illegal act that must be reversed.

Democratic Convention Gets a Native American Blessing (DENVER) -- The Democratic National Convention has had its share of problems, what with a compressed schedule between voter selection of the candidate and his actual nomination, splintered fundraising concerns and a late scramble to prepare a new location for Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

Native American tribes bless Pepsi Center for DNC (DENVER) -- Native American tribes from Colorado have performed a blessing outside the Pepsi Center, the site of next month's Democratic National Convention.

Court: Only voters can amend council size (ARIZONA) -- Only the Navajo people have the power to reduce or increase the number of council members, according to a new ruling by the Navajo Nation Supreme Court.

Tribal officials praise congressional law-and-order efforts (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- The president of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe said Friday that federal legislation to beef up law enforcement on Native American reservations could help cut crime rates, reduce suicides and return an essential sense of safety to people who now live in fear.

Solving crime? Tackle the root causes first (ONTARIO) -- Pay now or pay more later. That's how experts on criminal justice describe competing visions to reduce crime. We can identify the social problems that foster crime and spend money trying to fix them. Or, we can spend the money later – and by most accounts more of it – by jailing a growing number of criminals struggling with social ills.

Law and order bill wins praise in Indian Country (WASHINGTON, DC) -- A bill to improve law and order in Indian Country won praise on Wednesday though time is running out for passage this year.

Nelson: Omaha Tribe Faces Cuts to Vital Health Services / Nelson Sends Letter to Indian Health Service Disapproving of Lack of Discipline (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Today, Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Michael Leavitt, and the Director of the Indian Health Service (IHS), Robert McSwain, expressing great concern over IHS's questionable management and their disservice to the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska as they struggle to overcome past accounting problems.

Indian Affairs hearing addresses tribal courts (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The Senate Indian Affairs Committee held a hearing on Thursday on tribal courts. Tribal witnesses testified in support of S.3320, the Tribal Law and Order Act that was introduced on Wednesday.

Rep. Herseth-Sandlin: Safety in Indian Country (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Like many South Dakotans, I have been alarmed by some of the news about crime rates and safety on reservations in our state.

Senators push bill to fight crime on Indian reservations (WASHINGTON, DC) -- A bipartisan group of senators is hoping to fight high crime levels on American Indian reservations with legislation that would boost tribal law enforcement and improve coordination between federal and local authorities.

New laws apply on the Rincon reservation (CALIFORNIA) -- At the Rincon Indian Reservation, kids hang out all night getting into fights, people shoot guns in the streets and trespassers dump furniture, oil drums and puppies ---- all with relative impunity.

Jurrius: Leaving a better argument at Northern Ute, and on to Native American Resource Partners (WASHINGTON, DC) -- On June 19, John Jurrius kept a scheduled appointment for an interview with Indian Country Today. The session had been scheduled 10 days to two weeks in advance, and an offhand offer from a Jurrius associate to schedule it earlier had fallen by the wayside due to conflicting prior commitments.

Hospital system interested in Indian health (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Sioux Falls-based Sanford Health has begun new efforts in research and medical programs in hopes of narrowing the vast disparities in health care on American Indian reservations in South Dakota and elsewhere.

Problems plague Yakama Nation Land Enterprise (WASHINGTON) -- Problems persist at Yakama Nation Land Enterprise, which oversees the tribe’s RV park and several of its agricultural businesses.

State seizes cigarettes in tribal store raid (WASHINGTON) -- Two Quinault Indian Nation tribal elders face possible charges after the state seized about $200,000 of contraband cigarettes.

State seizes $200,000 of cigarettes in Puyallup raid (WASHINGTON) -- About $200,000 in contraband cigarettes and sales records were seized Friday at the Indian Country Store in Puyallup. The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) claims the store was selling cigarettes without a license.

Navajo tribe bans commercial tobacco use (NEW MEXICO) -- The Navajo Nation Council has banned commercial tobacco in public places on the reservation - including such outdoor venues as rodeos and fairs.

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