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Tribes Call for End to IRS Limits on Debt (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Tribal governments and their advisers urged members of Congress yesterday to pass legislation that would no longer allow the IRS to interpret the tax law in a way that unfairly limits the tax-exempt debt Indian tribes can issue and puts them at a competitive disadvantage to state and local governments.

Internet shutdown delayed (ARIZONA) -- The shutdown of Internet services on the Navajo Nation has been temporarily averted, a tribal official has confirmed.

Mary Kim Titla running for Congress, opens campaign headquarters in Globe (ARIZONA) -- Mary Kim Titla local area native to the Globe/Miami, San Carlos area is running to be the first Native American Women elected for Congress. Her new campaign headquarters in locally located in Globe.

BLOG: Indian fishing video sparks attack against newspaper (MINNESOTA) -- Don't miss Nick Coleman's Strib column about tribal fishing from yesterday. It's a chilling recount of how video of Mille Lacs tribal members netting and cleaning walleye led to a vicious backlash -- and even a denial of service attack against the paper itself.

Another federal agency accused of mismanagement (WASHINGTON, DC) -- It is supposed to provide health services to about 2 million American Indians and Alaskan natives. But the Government Accountability Office charged Monday that the Indian Health Services, which often runs out of funds to pay for health care, managed to lose more than 5,000 pieces of equipment worth about $16 million in the period from 2004 to 2007.

5,000 items missing from Indian Health (ARIZONA) -- Mismanagement at the federal Indian Health Service has resulted in millions of dollars of equipment being lost or stolen across the nation, including in Arizona, congressional investigators reported.

Ontario police avoided judge in wiretaps of native protest, Brant charges (ONTARIO) -- The leader of a First Nations protest during last summer's Aboriginal Day of Action is questioning why his brother, a prominent defence lawyer, was included in Ontario Provincial Police emergency wiretaps despite his lack of involvement in the action.

Fantino 'arrogant, aggressive,' says native protester Brant (ONTARIO) -- Ontario Provincial Police Chief Julian Fantino's personal intervention in negotiations with Mohawk protesters blockading a stretch of highway last summer raised the spectre of a violent outcome, aboriginal protester Shawn Brant said Tuesday.

Ontario police targeted 4 people in wiretaps during native protest: CBC (ONTARIO) -- Ontario Provincial Police used emergency wiretaps to eavesdrop on four people during last summer's Aboriginal Day of Action, skirting the normal need for court approval, the CBC has learned.

Fantino defends taking over native negotiations (ONTARIO) -- Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino was defiant yesterday about his actions during a highway blockade last summer, when he took over negotiations and threatened a native activist.

Council grills President Shirley (ARIZONA) -- It was “Pass the Hat and Pick on the President Day” during Monday’s opening of the Navajo Nation Council Summer Session.

Navajo lawmakers vote down term limits (ARIZONA) -- The Navajo Nation Tribal Council has rejected a referendum that would have imposed term limits for delegates and the speaker of the council.

Shirley: State of Nation focuses on Navajo economy (ARIZONA) -- President Joe Shirley Jr. was at the Navajo Nation Council Chamber nearly the entire day on Monday answering to Council delegates while giving his quarterly state of the nation address.

Navajo woman awarded for contesting Prop. 200 (ARIZONA) -- Navajo Nation Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan, recently congratulated Agnes Laughter after she received the Frank Harrison and Harry Austin Citizenship Award July 15 at Fort McDowell.

DORREEN YELLOW BIRD: Sundance ceremony offers food for the soul (NORTH DAKOTA) -- Throughout our lives, we find ways to mark and measure our progress in life — to look back at our journey. That time for me is my annual retreat into prayer, where I separate myself from the pace of worldly living and attend Sundance.

Child poverty plagues Ziebach County, poorest in the nation (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Milly Heidlebaugh was dismayed, but not at all surprised, to learn that the isolated rural county on Cheyenne River Indian Reservation where she runs a day care center leads the nation in child poverty.

New money targets children on Sask. reserves (SASKATCHEWAN) -- The federal government will dole out $105 million over five years to improve child and family services offered on Saskatchewan First Nation reserves.

Tribe member accuses RI trooper of excessive force (RHODE ISLAND) -- A lawyer for a member of the Narragansett Indian Tribe says a Rhode Island state trooper used excessive force and broke his client’s ankle during a raid on tribal land.

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