Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kucinich wins hearings but not on impeaching Bush

Kucinich wins hearings but not on impeaching Bush

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Dennis Kucinich's single impeachment article will get a committee hearing but not on removing President Bush from office.

The House on Tuesday voted 238-180 to send the article of impeachment — for Bush's reasoning for taking the country to war in Iraq — to the Judiciary Committee, which buried Kucinich's previous effort.

This time, the panel will open hearings. But House Democrats emphatically said they will not be about Bush's impeachment, a first step in the Constitution's process of a removing a president from office.

Instead, the panel will conduct an election-year review — possibly televised — of everything Democrats consider to be Bush's abuse of power. Kucinich, a Democrat from Ohio, is likely to testify. But so will several scholars and administration critics, Democrats said.

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