Friday, July 18, 2008

Daniel McGowan Update


On Monday, July 14, Daniel appeared in federal court in the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison) before Judge Barbara Crabb and was found in civil contempt for his refusal to answer questions before a grand jury.

Since he is already in custody for his existing prison sentence, this means that his clock of time being served has stopped. An appeal has been filed by his lawyer to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as a motion for bail (in his case since he wouldn't be released, to start his federal time moving forward again). Right now, until the grand jury is dismissed or other agreements are made within that case and things are resolved, his time will not count as time served. It is unknown whether he will remain in county jail for the full extension of this period.

So, for now, please continue to write to Daniel with positive thoughts, funny stories, and well wishes, as this has been a particularly stressful and difficult time. Letters are key to time passing quickly inside.

Write Daniel at:

Daniel McGowan
Columbia County Jail
403 Jackson Street
Portage, Wisconsin 53901

His federal ID number is not needed for letters there. You may send a few pictures in your letters (no polaroids), but he can only receive magazines from subscriptions and books directly from the publisher.

Thanks for your continued support,

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

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