Sunday, June 8, 2008

This Brave Nation: Bonny Raitt and Delores Huerta

We're thrilled to bring you the second installment of This Brave Nation, our new online documentary series from Brave New Foundation and The Nation. This week, we're pairing legendary blues musician and activist Bonnie Raitt with iconic union organizer Dolores Huerta: two distinctly different feminists who hail from radically different backgrounds, but who have come together here because of their devotion to progressive change.

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In this conversation, Raitt and Huerta talk about their passions, regrets, fears, and most of all, their dreams for future generations.

You don't want to miss a minute of this groundbreaking series, and with a $15 donation, you won't have to! You'll receive two DVDs featuring the first five episodes of This Brave Nation. Imagine what a great gift that could make to a local school, library, or an aspiring young activist that you know.

And speaking of which, we're still searching for your unsung local heroes. We've already received hundreds of nominations for the first ever Brave Nation Young Activist Award, honoring the most inspiring young activist in the country. Be sure to nominate your aspiring activist today!


Robert Greenwald, Katrina vanden Heuvel
the Brave New Team and The Nation

P.S. Last week's premiere of This Brave Nation featuring Carl Pope and Van Jones was a smashing success, getting wonderful reviews from people like you that we just had to share:

"If I had seen these episodes in high-school I would have gone on to college actually believing I could make a difference." - D.L., Los Angeles

"This Brave Nation should inspire a new wave of activists and revolutionaries. Hearing directly from those who began the movements that changed history makes the idea of creating social change accessible to all of us." - A.S., Denver


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