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Seminole leader, friend profited from land deals / Leader voted on trade to himself, then sold property for big profit (FLORIDA) -- Over the past year, a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida's governing board and his friend each acquired land from the tribe in rural Hendry County and then sold it for millions more in as little as six days.

Four Natives Win in Primaries (NEBRASKA) -- Four Native American candidates for political offices — Denise Juneau, Kevin Killer, Todd Gloria and Joey Jayne — won primary elections June 3.

The View From Flandreau on Ages of Obama, McCain (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Native American people traditionally choose elders as tribal leaders. The theory is this: Elders' experience and knowledge become wisdom and ensure the tribe's security.

Shirley seeks support for reform plan (NEW MEXICO) -- Nearly 400 Navajo voters signed a petition Friday to bring two government reform initiatives to ballot in November. The initiatives, sponsored by President Joe Shirley Jr., call for reductions in the legislative branch and presidential line item veto authority.

Tribe's council meets in defiance of court order (OKLAHOMA) -- A dispute between two arms of the Seneca-Cayuga's tribal government has taken another turn. The Miami, Okla.-based tribe's general council met yesterday, even after a tribal court had ordered the meeting to be postponed.

Council vote repeals court (OKLAHOMA) -- Members of the Seneca-Cayuga tribe's General Council have voted to abolish the tribal court, less than a year after it was created, as well as the tribe's police force.

Indian money suit could hit another stumbling block Monday (WASHINGTON, DC) -- It has been 12 years since a group of American Indians sued the government, saying Washington had cheated them out of profits from land royalties since 1887.

New twist in dispute over tribal site (RHODE ISLAND) -- As a boy, John Brown remembers traveling with his family to the wooded hills in northwest Rhode Island where his fellow Narragansett Indians gathered near stone piles they believe were left by their ancient ancestors.

State, Utes agree on new process (COLORADO) -- A pair of state agencies were given a thumbs up last month to implement a first-ever standard for reburying "culturally unidentifiable" American Indian remains discovered on state and private lands within Colorado.

As universities return Indian remains, tribes struggle to honor their dead (CALIFORNIA) -- It was a drizzly Saturday in May when several members of the Ione Band of Miwok Indians made it to the Camellia Memorial Lawn in Sacramento.

Indian panel rejects radio deal (NORTH CAROLINA) -- The N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs has unanimously rejected a settlement agreement with Raleigh radio station over derogatory on-air remarks about Lumbees.

BRENDA NORRELL: Ohio Police terrorized Longest Walk women and children (OHIO) -- Seated at the Longest Walk Northern Route camp in the woods, Marie Littlemoon, Mescalero Apache cook and walker, remembers how Columbus, Ohio police grabbed her, bruising her right arm, and terrified the preschoolers in the car, as the walkers walked the prayer near downtown Columbus.

BRENDA NORRELL: Native family calls for justice in attack of Long Walkers by Ohio police (OHIO) -- Hello Brenda, My name is Sandra Bermudez and I'm writing to thank you for reporting the attack on the Longest walkers in Ohio. I have 4 family members on the Northern route and I was deeply distressed to learn of the attack.

Oglala Sioux could regain Badlands national parkland (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- The southern half of this swath of grasslands and chiseled pink spires looks untouched from a distance. Closer up, the scars of history are easy to see.

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