Friday, May 2, 2008

Say No to Failed Iraq Strategy

Say No to Failed Iraq Strategy

The House is preparing to vote more money for war. Next week, the House is expected to take up legislation to provide at least another $100 billion for the president's failed war strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the November elections approaching, this vote could be the last binding vote on the war in 2008.

If Congress doesn't act now, the president will lock the United States into a long-term military presence in Iraq. The president plans to conclude a new agreement with Iraq before the end of July that would authorize endless occupation, imposing an open-ended commitment for U.S. troops to remain in Iraq; expansion of the war, authorizing the U.S. military to attack any neighboring state deemed by the United States to pose a threat to Iraq; no rule of law, granting immunity from prosecution to U.S. contractors working in Iraq; and detention without charge, allowing U.S. troops to detain Iraqis indefinitely.

Take Action

Call your representative today.

Urge her or him not to vote more money for the president's failed war strategy in Iraq. In particular, tell your representative to support efforts to stop the president's new agreement with Iraq.

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