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Through the lens at NCAI (WASHINGTON, DC) -- The National Congress of American Indians does not endorse political candidates, but on May 7, it released a detailed platform urging all candidates in the current political season to support government-to-government relations between tribes and candidates for Congress and the executive branch, the cultural rights of American Indians and Alaska Natives, and the adequate funding of their health needs.

Crows Thrilled to Be Obama's 'Brothers and Sisters' (MONTANA) -- Some Crow tribal members waited in line more than six hours to ensure they would have a good view when the first presidential candidate to visit their reservation stepped to the stage to speak.

JANA MCKEAG: No More ‘Trail of Broken Treaties’ (USA) -- This nation has seen the most tumultuous, contentious presidential primaries in a long time. At deadline, there were four candidates in serious contention for the Republican and Democratic nominations. The delegate count was too close to call.

Remembering Robert F. Kennedy / Forty years later, family members come to Pine Ridge (WASHINGTON, DC) -- John F. Kennedy may have inspired ideals that people everywhere still try to live by, but his younger brother was arguably the greater idealist.

Every vote counts / 'Rock the Native Vote' seeks to expand Oklahoma Indian voter participation (OKLAHOMA) -- Turning 18 gives Americans many rights and privileges, but the right to register to vote is one that many people unfortunately do not exercise.

UND must counter anti-Semitism (NORTH DAKOTA) -- I was disgusted by an article in the Bismarck Tribune several weeks ago that reported anti-Semitic discrimination at the University of North Dakota.

In Colorado River Delta, waters -- and prospects -- are drying up (MEXICO) -- Fighting a fierce north wind and cresting waves, a dozen Cucapa Indian fishermen were in trouble before they were halfway home, their small boats and balky outboard motors overmatched by the roiling estuary of the Colorado River Delta.

Newcomb: American Zionism (CALIFORNIA) -- In his May 15 speech before the Israeli Knesset, President George W. Bush invoked the Old Testament story of the chosen people and the Promised Land. Bush

BRENDA NORRELL: Tohono O'odham Chairman: Graves destroyed in border construction (TEXAS) -- Tohono O'odham Chairman Ned Norris, Jr., testified at a Congressional hearing that the construction of the border wall has plowed through the graves of the Hohokam and fragments of human bone have been found in the contractor's heavy equipment tracks.

BRENDA NORRELL: Traditional Squamish Chief removed by taser-armed RCMP in Vancouver (VANCOUVER) -- On Saturday, May 24th, a force of twenty taser-armed RCMP officers and band council police forced Chief Kiapilano off his own land yesterday during a peaceful occupation of the Squamish band council office by Kiapilano and his supporters.

Longest Walk 2 a journey with a message, mission (ARIZONA) -- Armed with a tin-can rattle in his hand and the traditional songs of family and tribe in his heart, a young Quechan man is delivering a message to Washington, D.C., completely on foot.

Iowa Elder Relates Experience with Sacred Eagle / Victor Roubidoux Q&A (OKLAHOMA) -- After over a decade in tribal politics, Iowa elder and former tribe treasurer, Victor Roubidoux now works caring for his people’s most sacred animal, the eagle.

Tribal Conservation / Wildlife preservation taking strong roots in Indian Country (USA) -- Animals from fish to fowl and reptile to mammal once played significant cultural, historical and even economic roles in every tribe of North America. But like the American Indian, many of the fish and animals were driven out of their natural lands and hunted down.

Tribes right to focus on rivers, not litigation (WASHINGTON) -- Today we set aside litigation and opt for cooperation with our federal partners. We have been in the courts for ten years and have not gained the resources needed to protect these creations.

Fighting the energy crisis / Comparing the candidates on wind energy (WASHINGTON, DC) -- For once, American Indians want to hear more hot air from politicians. Or, rather, any air at all - when it comes to political support for wind and other alternative forms of energy.

'Reznetters' Net National Award, Internships (MONTANA) -- Reznet reporter Sunnie Redhouse was named this week as one of the nation's 100 best student journalists by UWire, a news and career service for college students.

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