Saturday, May 24, 2008

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Hearing depicts BIA as awash in chaos / Outgoing leader points to progress, but critics tell of long waits, red tape (WASHINGTON, DC) -- There have been "chaos and havoc" in some areas of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, an Interior Department official acknowledged during a hearing on agency delays and backlogs in providing needed services to tribes.

Tribal appeals court shut down (WASHINGTON) -- Due process may be hard to come by in Yakama Nation tribal court as a chief appellate court judge on Thursday ordered that the appellate court be closed, citing a lack of money.

Tribal court eyes haircut / Customs usurped, mother alleges in custody dispute (NEW MEXICO) -- The custody case involving Gerardo Valenzuela and his ex-wife, Anna Kanseah, a member of the Mescalero Apache tribe, involves some unique circumstances, with Kanseah basing much of her battle on a haircut and tribal customs.

A look at Barack Obama (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Secure as the Democratic front-runner for the party's presidential nomination, Barack Obama has not conceded the Indian vote to rival Hillary Clinton and has not dodged the more difficult Indian issues - already in part fulfilling some important, though seldom aired, expectations in Indian country.

A look at Hillary Clinton (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Just when it was hard to be sure if she had really tried to code-talk Democrats into fleeing the Black Peril of a Barack Obama presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton surpassed even that for chutzpah by spreading word that her candidacy should transcend the party campaign rules.

A look at John McCain (WASHINGTON, DC) -- By virtue of long service to Arizona tribes as a senator, and to Indian country at large as chairman twice over of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain may have the best chance any GOP presidential candidate has ever had to break the Democratic lock on American Indian votes.

Four Native superdelegates support Obama (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Despite strong enthusiasm for Sen. Hillary Clinton in some areas of Indian country, Sen. Barack Obama has locked up the Native superdelegate vote in the Democratic race for president.

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