Monday, May 19, 2008

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JODI RAVE: Native OPI candidate earns national endorsement (MONTANA) -- On Monday, a Montana candidate received top billing from INDN's List, a national organization devoted to supporting Native candidates in their bids for state and local offices.

Texas attorney general's two-year effort fails to unravel large-scale voter-fraud schemes (TEXAS) -- More than two years ago, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott pledged to root out what he called an epidemic of voter fraud in Texas.

Some local ways to celebrate American Indian Month (MINNESOTA) -- Events this week and next that are part of Minnesota's American Indian Month:

Activists protest Minn. 150th birthday celebration (MINNESOTA) -- Three American Indian activists were taken into custody during a protest at a celebration of Minnesota's 150th birthday on the state Capitol Mall.

Protection of indigenous media sought at the UN (NEW YORK) -- Indigenous advocates want the United Nations to help draft laws protecting the rights of Native people to own media and for the prosecution of those who kill or persecute their journalists.

Makah whale-hunting proposal rated 'least impact' in study (WASHINGTON) -- The Makah Indian Nation's proposal to hunt gray whales has fewer negative impacts than five of six alternatives considered in a draft federal study released May 9.

Appeals court reinstates charges in bald eagle case / Winslow Friday, recently acquitted, now returns for prosecution (COLORADO) -- A Northern Arapaho man who shot a bald eagle for use in his tribe's Sun Dance failed to convince an appellate court May 8 that he is protected from prosecution by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

BRENDA NORRELL: Long Walk across St. Louis (MISSOURI) -- Fifty representatives of American Indian tribes from across the country, all members of The Longest Walk 2, walked through St. Louis today on their way from San Francisco to Washington D.C. carrying the message "All life is Sacred, protect Mother Earth."

Natives speaking out on uranium (VERMONT) -- The recent spate of advertisements promoting the electric power generated at the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant as "clean and green" doesn't tell the true story, said two Native Americans whose native lands are severely affected by the nuclear power industry.

Uranium mining concerns / Court listens as people share opinions on leaching process (COLORADO) -- Two former uranium miners said May 12 that their experiences with radiation contamination have strengthened their determination to keep uranium companies out of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.

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