Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Census undercounting issue discussed in MT (MONTANA) -- The Native American Local Government Commission is asking all Native Americans in Cascade County to stand up and be counted.

2010 census strives for better counting of Native Americans (MONTANA) -- Members of the Native American Local Government Commission — pointing out that a few thousand Cascade County Indians were not recorded in the 2000 census — told U.S. Census Bureau officials Tuesday they could reduce the undercounting by hiring better counters in 2010, including more Native Americans.

Tribes want land, not money (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Another tribal leader has rejected a Yankton attorney's attempts to recruit Native Americans who want a piece of a multi-million-dollar trust fund.

Duwamish tribe sues to reverse 'extinct' status / At stake are federal money and land rights (WASHINGTON) -- The Duwamish -- the tribe of Chief Seattle -- is suing the federal government to reverse its determination that they are extinct as a people.

Tribal courts conference in Redding (CALIFORNIA) -- Redding Rancheria Tribal Government will host the 2008 California Indian Legal Services Tribal Courts conference May 8 and 9, at the Redding Rancheria Community Center, behind Win-River Casino.

Hog farm developers to go to federal court (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Last month, three Yankton Sioux tribal members filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge in Sioux Falls to order a halt to construction.

Yankton Sioux stand up to South Dakota troopers / Hog farm project a violation of Native sovereignty (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- A peaceful demonstration against a hog farm being built on Yankton Sioux tribal land in southeastern South Dakota was recently countered by over 70 armed law enforcement officials in riot gear.

Hog farm developers to go to federal court (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- The case of a large-scale hog farm west of Wagner will be in federal court again next week, but this time it will be courtesy of the hog farm developers, the attorney for Long View Farm says.

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