Friday, May 16, 2008

Iraq: House Votes Down War Funds

Iraq: House Votes Down War Funds

Your lobby visits, emails, and phone calls are making a difference!

Yesterday, 149 members of Congress said "no" to more funding for war. Please take a moment right now to
thank your member of Congress if he or she voted against new funding for the president's failed war strategy in Iraq.

Equally important, if your representative didn't oppose the war funding, write a short letter now asking her or him to vote no when this bill comes back to the House for another vote sometime in the next few weeks.

Congress is finally getting the message that a majority of the people in this country want the war to end. But that may not result in Congress's voting to cut off funding. The victory Thursday was made possible in part because a large block of supporters of the war decided to sit out this vote, simply voting "present."

Take Action

Congress needs to know that you are watching.
Write your representative today to thank her or him if she was one of the 149 legislators who voted no. If your representative did not vote no, let her or him know you are disappointed.

Find out how your representative voted.

Friends Committee on National Legislation
245 2nd Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

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