Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Iraq: Help Build on Last Week's Victory

Iraq: Help Build on Last Week's Victory

Thanks in part to your lobbying, the House last week defeated legislation providing more money for war.
Now your senators need to hear that you want them to do the same thing.

This week your senators will vote on whether to provide another $160 billion for the president's failed war strategy in Iraq. Urge them to vote against any new funding for the war. Ask your senators to support a provision in the legislation keeping the administration from signing a new security agreement with Iraq that would lock the United States into a long-term military presence.

Even as momentum builds in Congress and across the country for a change in U.S. strategy, the administration continues to argue that a guns-first and guns-forever approach is the way to achieve peace. This week the Pentagon announced plans to keep at least 140,000 U.S. troops in Iraq through the beginning of next year, and White House officials have been quietly telling journalists that a war with Iran could be possible before the next president takes office.

Congress needs to say "no" to the president's failed war strategy in Iraq and insist on a new policy based on withdrawal of U.S. troops and active diplomacy throughout the Middle East. Even if Congress is ultimately unable to force this administration to pursue a new policy, Congress still needs to act now. Otherwise, the next administration could be locked into a long-term policy of war and occupation that will be difficult to reverse.

Take Action

Urge both of your senators to oppose legislation providing new money for war and insist on a change in U.S. policy when the Iraq war supplemental funding bill comes to the floor later this week.

Once you've sent your letter,
ask three friends to write as well.

What's in the Senate Iraq war supplemental funding bill?
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FCNL's Iraq Peace Campaign.
See a map of the growing list of U.S. military bases in Iraq.

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