Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Help for Longest Walk II: Attention Indiana

Red Road Awareness has been asked to facilitate and secure accommodation's for the walkers through Indiana. This includes meals, housing, showers and any financial support we can generate. We spoke to Ricardo Popick with Longest Walk last night and he is well aware of who we are and what we have been asked to do. We assured him we would take care of Indiana, so now we are turning to our myspace family. We desperately need your help, but especially those of you in Indiana. You know what your state has to offer and we only have 2 weeks to plan this!!

We will need roughly 8 nights accommodation's, food, (includes cooking & serving), a place to hold inipi's for the walkers if possible. Also, we'd like to have a welcoming committee in place when they enter the state via Terre Haute with food, water and gatorrade at the ready.

If you know of any campgrounds along the following route, universities that might allow camping for a large group of people, or any other large facility/gymnasium that might be able to help, please let us know, or better yet, get the details yourself and then let us know! Right now they have about 60 walkers, but that can change as people sign on.

The route is as follows:

May 19 Marshall to Terre Haute ----- Interstate 70-Highway 40 (National Historic Road)
May 20-21 Terre Haute to Indianapolis ----- Interstate 70-Highway 40
May 22-25 Indianapolis to Richmond ----- Interstate 70-Highway 40

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you know of any sacred sites along the Hwy 40 route or any other in the state that need protection, please compile that information! They are taking these lists to Washington DC. If you are aware of issues concerning Native people and can formulate a letter, please do so. These are also issues they intend to address in Washington.

Any and all media contacts are encouraged to come out and cover this. If you have contacts with the media and can arrange for interviews, advertising etc. please let us know!

Wal-mart and Panera bread are two facilities we know of that contribute to such events. If you can get donations of food from these or other places, please let us know!

A chip in and paypal are set up for those who wish to contribute financially. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO!

Or send money via to:

The Longest Walk is an American Indian Spiritual Walk for Survival. Think about what that means and then ask yourself if you can afford to contribute or not! Food, money, prayer, inipi ceremonies, IT ALL HELPS!

Make checks or money orders payable to:

Longest Walk
c/o M Cordes
PO Box 1171
Radcliff, KY 40159-1171

Any money generated will go directly to getting the walkers through Indiana; feeding, housing and gas cards.

This is a huge task and we can't do it without you! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

For the people,

Matt and Lynny of Red Road Awareness

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