Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oglala Commemoration 2008: T-Shirt Orders

Hey everyone,

I am trying to get the t-shirt order finalized for this year's event. So I am taking pre-paid orders so that I can pre-order any specfic size that you may need.
We are trying to go with A black t-shirt with sapphire printing. The AIM/Free Peltier Logo on the front. with a list of the event and performers on the back

Pre-orders - are as following
small - xl - $18 plus postage
2x - 4X - $21 plus postage

For ordering purposes, I must receive an e-mail with your order and payment ASAP. As we are limited in funds, I can not order a variety of sizes hoping they sell.

Depending on how quick I recieve these orders and finalize the performers, I am hoping to have the t-shirts sometime in May.

Send your orders to


Editor's Note: Don't forget to visit the Oglala Commemoration online auction and place a bid.

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