Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Cherokee tax may be suspended (OKLAHOMA) -- Approved by a panel, the suspension of its tax on cigarettes will go before the tribal council. The Cherokee Nation Rules Committee passed an act on Thursday that would temporarily suspend a tribal tax on cigarettes.

Cherokees may suspend cigarette tax (OKLAHOMA) -- The Cherokee Nation tribal council will consider suspending the tribe's 50 cent per pack tax on cigarettes. The tribe's Rules Committee has voted unanimously to temporarily suspend the tax and the proposal is expected to be considered by the council on May 12.

Opinion: Cherokee Nation's boat of federal funds (OKLAHOMA) -- When it comes to the Freedmen, Cherokee Nation Chief Chad Smith keeps saying "Let the courts decide this case," when they already have. The Cherokee Supreme Court ruled that the Freedmen are Cherokee citizens. But he ignored that decision because it didn't go the way he thought it would.

Senate panel votes for Lumbee recognition / Full Senate will vote on issue later this year (WASHINGTON, DC) -- A U.S. Senate committee voted yesterday to give North Carolina's Lumbee Tribe full recognition by the federal government, a designation that the group has tried to get for 50 years.

Lumbee bill moves to Senate (NORTH CAROLINA) -- A bill that would give the Lumbees federal recognition has been voted out of committee and now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

Letter: Another Hog Factory (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- I support the Yankton Sioux Tribe and their protest of the hog confinement west of Wagner. How many more of these hog factories do we have to deal with in South Dakota? It sure seems nothing is sacred anymore.

Our View: Protesters' peace promise not being kept (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe are in the midst of a passionate protest this week over a hog farm near Marty, which tribal members say will despoil the environment, ruin water resources and, in short, stink.

International Heating Assistance Meeting (MAINE) -- Members of Maine's tribal governments met on Indian Island Thursday with representatives from Venezuela's government. The meeting was to show appreciation for the thousands of gallons of fuel donated by Citgo and Venezuela to tribal members across the state.

Navajo Code Talker, advocate honored at SMCC (MAINE) -- On April 16, applause from students, military veterans, family and local residents rolled through a small lecture hall at Southern Maine Community College’s (SMCC) Hildreth Hall.

Collaboration key to preserving Indian history, experts say (CALIFORNIA) -- Builders, Inland tribes and government planners need to work together to shield the region's historic sites from bulldozers and looters, experts and others said Thursday at a symposium.

Indians’ radio deal criticized (NORTH CAROLINA) -- Despite dissension within its ranks, the N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs decided Thursday to go forward with drafting a partnership with Clear Channel Communications.

Could Peltier Be Freed in December? (NEBRASKA) -- To this day, when I think of a good place, I think of that muddy creek meandering through cottonwoods and scrub grass. In the summers, when the blistering sun dried to a crisp brown the grass on the slope leading to the creek, my cousins and I would race each other down to the creek.

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