Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Cole charges 'blackmail' over Indian housing bill (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Rep. Tom Cole has accused a House committee chairman of "legislative blackmail" by threatening to keep an Indian housing bill from a final vote if it does not include provisions punishing the Cherokee Nation in the long-running controversy over the tribe's freedmen descendants.

JOHN CORNSILK: History of the Cherokee Freedmen (OKLAHOMA) -- The Cherokee Freedmen Story as an article was submitted by email to American Chronicle as a response to an article on the issue, but it was never published so today I resubmit it via the process.

JODI RAVE: Obama campaign unveils Native committee (MONTANA) -- Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign in Montana kicked up its outreach efforts in Indian Country on Wednesday, with the announcement of its newly unveiled Montana Native Americans for Obama steering committee.

Magistrate: Lack of police commissions not enough to throw out case (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- A federal defendant charged in two stabbings on Rosebud Indian Reservation has suffered a setback in his attempts to suppress evidence based on arguments that arresting officers had invalid tribal police commissions.

Duroville residents fear park closure (CALIFORNIA) -- Ana Delia Argueta didn’t have anywhere to go. "I came crying," the 52-year-old said of her move to Duroville about seven years ago.

Report finds water at Duroville mobile home park safe (CALIFORNIA) -- An independent report has found the drinking water safe at Duroville, court documents obtained today by The Desert Sun show.

Treasurer supports single tax rate for smoke shop cigarettes (OKLAHOMA) -- State Treasurer Scott Meacham says he would support the idea of having one single compact rate for all American Indian tribes that sell cigarettes in Oklahoma.

Hog farm injunction sought (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Three members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe filed a lawsuit Wednesday asking a federal judge to order a halt to construction of a large-scale hog farm west of Wagner.

Navajo delegates to reconsider financing measure (ARIZONA) -- Navajo lawmaker Ervin Keeswood had a strategy. When he noticed that a bill to finance the construction of a new legislative complex and other buildings would fall short of the 59 votes it needed for passage, he flipped the switch from green to red.

Fond du Lac tribal leaders offer reward in dead deer threat (MINNESOTA) -- Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa tribal leaders have issued a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever left a dead deer with a threatening letter tucked in its mouth on Tribal Chairwoman Karen Diver’s lawn.

Tribes make a controversial deal on salmon (WASHINGTON) -- After three Columbia River tribes decided to stop pushing for the breaching of four federal dams on the Snake River, many critics spoke the ugly word “sellout.” The tribes will receive $900 million in new salmon projects in exchange for halting their court battle for the next decade.

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