Sunday, April 6, 2008

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Obama tailors message to western voters (MONTANA) -- Hunting for votes out West, Democrat Barack Obama on Saturday rejected the idea that the region's sparsely populated states aren't important in the presidential race and renewed his promise to appoint a high-level adviser on Indian issues if elected.

JODI RAVE: Native Americans have big stake in 2008 election: Obama proposes Indian senior adviser (MONTANA) -- Native people are being assured of a presence in the White House, unlike any other time in history, providing Sen. Barack Obama becomes the next president of the United States, his campaign contends.

Obama: We didn’t write off North Dakota (NORTH DAKOTA) -- Like thousands, Kathy Aamot and her daughter, Shelby, 4, stood in line for 90 minutes Friday to get in to hear Sen. Barack Obama in the Alerus Center. Hours later and after Obama’s speech, Shelby still was having fun, climbing on a metal railing.

Leadership No Burden for Young Lakota Man (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Ignore Wizipan Garriott's bachelor's degree from Yale. Don't mind the fact that he's finishing his last semester at a prestigious law school.

The Indian Vote: When Candidates Come Calling (WYOMING) -- The presidential candidates are gone. The national media have vanished. The public spotlight on the country's most sparsely populated state is only a flickering election memory.

JODI RAVE: Native Americans have big stake in 2008 election: Clinton plans to build on track record (MONTANA) -- Janine Pease, a citizen of the Crow Nation, is anxious to hear presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's speech Saturday at the Montana Democratic Party state dinner in Butte.

Navajo Nation loses Internet provider (ARIZONA) -- The Navajo Nation will most likely lose its largest Internet service provider Monday, but will still maintain access to the Web at several chapter houses, according to its computer operations manager.

Navajo Nation to lose its Internet / Tribal audit raised suspicion of overbilling; initial setup questioned (UTAH) -- A Park City-based company that provides satellite-based Internet service to the Navajo Nation is planning to pull the plug Monday on the 27,000-square-mile reservation due to what it calls a financial misunderstanding.

FCC Audit Shuts Off Navajo Nation's Satellite Internet (ARIZONA) -- Due to a problem with billing and payment, the Navajo Nation is likely to see their Internet service shut off on Monday.

Penobscots lead opposition to Venezuela 'terrorist' resolution (MAINE) -- Members of the Penobscot Indian Nation are spearheading opposition to a congressional resolution that would designate Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Navajo have no glowing 'welcome back' for mines (NEW MEXICO) -- As uranium prices soar and companies seek to reopen mines, tribe members point to the detrimental health effects of past exposure.

Indian commission protests comments made on radio show (NORTH CAROLINA) -- The N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs is demanding that the hosts and producer of a local morning radio show be fired for what the agency termed "racially charged comments" made on the air.

Lac Du Flambeau Tribal Members Protest (WISCONSIN) -- Tribal members in Lac Du Flambeau are scrutinizing the tribe's management of money, and today those members are saying they're doing everything they can to get the attention of the council.

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