Saturday, April 5, 2008

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Verdict mixed in Narragansett Indian smoke-shop raid case (RHODE ISLAND) -- Four years and eight months after a Governor Carcieri-ordered raid on the Narragansett tribe's tax-free smoke shop turned into a tense clash between state troopers and Indians, a jury today cleared seven tribal members of 12 out of 16 misdemeanor charges.

SEN. JOHN McCAIN: Building relationships, achieving results (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Over the years, I have received the support and friendship of many people from Indian country, and I am firmly committed to ensuring that they are treated justly and fairly. I continue to believe very strongly that the federal government has a special ethical and legal responsibility to help make the American dream accessible to American Indians.

Black Caucus members take aim at Cherokee Nation funding (OKLAHOMA) -- Some federal lawmakers are urging the U.S. Senate to include a clause in a Native American housing assistance bill denying benefits to the Cherokee Nation unless it recognizes descendants of the tribe's former black slaves, known as freedmen.

Cherokee Nation chief misses chance to speak at House meeting (OKLAHOMA) -- House Speaker Chris Benge said Thursday it was unfortunate the chief of the largest Indian tribe in the state was not allowed to speak at a House committee meeting.

Springtime for the Utes (COLORADO) -- "Hey, man, I just found out I'm an Indian! How do I get my money?" That, said a laughing Ernest D. House Jr., executive secretary of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, "is the most common call I get." House also noted: "I am an office of one - the smallest in state government - and don't have dollars to hand out."

Judge dismisses Newlands lawsuit (NEVADA) -- A lawsuit filed 15 years ago by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe against 2,200 water right owners in the Newlands Project has been dismissed.

'Digital reservation' unites Colville Tribal members (WASHINGTON) -- One girl who found out a college friend had died used the new Web site to get in touch with her friend's family on the remote Colville Indian Reservation. Others are using it to discuss the upcoming tribal election, announce meetings, share poetry, or connect with other Fancy Dancers.

Longest Walk 2 arrival unifies local groups (ARIZONA) -- Nothing like a bunch of outside environmentalists passing through your territory to get the locals in gear. Since the Longest Walk 2 - a cross-country trek for environmental justice - entered the Navajo Nation Friday, Diné environmentalists have been speaking with one voice and supporting each other's causes, said Guadalupe Branch, Navajo, the walk's western coordinator.

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