Friday, April 4, 2008

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Navajo Nation's internet service to be cut off (NEW MEXICO) -- A Utah-based company that provides public Internet access to the Navajo Nation plans to shut off the tribe's service Monday, leaving thousands of Navajos without online access to do school work, post community announcements or communicate with others across the 27,000 square-mile reservation.

CBC warns Reid on Cherokee funds (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have promised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that they will try to block a Native American housing assistance bill if the measure does not include language that prevents the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma from receiving any of the benefits.

Trouble at Ho-Chunk (NEBRASKA) -- NESTLED in the hills of eastern Nebraska is Ho-Chunk Inc, owned by the Winnebago nation. For years visitors from other tribes have come to study the firm—one of Indian country's success stories, and a model for how tribal businesses can move beyond casinos.

Business in the Navajo Nation: Capitalism's last frontier (ARIZONA) -- JUST outside the south-east border of the Navajo Nation, along highway 264 in New Mexico, there is a string of shops. It is not much—a bank, a couple of fast-food outlets, a petrol station and a garage. Compared with what lies across the border, though, it feels like a boom town.

Speaker offers apology to chief (OKLAHOMA) -- The speaker of the House said Thursday that he has apologized to the chief of the Cherokee Nation, who was prohibited from speaking about a bill to make English the state's official language.

Cherokee chief denounces ‘official English’ legislation (OKLAHOMA) -- The chief of the Cherokee Nation said Thursday legislation that would make English Oklahoma’s official language opens up old wounds for American Indians, who in the past were herded into boarding schools and forced to speak English instead of their native language.

Official English legislation passes House committee following tense hearing (OKLAHOMA) -- Legislation declaring English the state's official language was approved by a House committee Wednesday following a tense hearing where officials of Oklahoma-based Indian tribes who oppose the bill were not allowed to express their views.

Republican Senator shocked at Cherokee Chief being Silenced during House Committee Hearing on English Only Law (OKLAHOMA) -- State Sen. Harry Coates said he was appalled that Chad Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, was “gaveled down” during a House committee hearing on legislation to make English the “official” language of Oklahoma.

KEVIN ABOUREZK: Leadership no burden for young Lakota man (NEBRASKA) -- Ignore Wizipan Garriott's bachelor's degree from Yale. Don't mind the fact that he's finishing his last semester at a prestigious law school. Yes, he's helping to run a presidential campaign. But that doesn't mean he's some East Coast trust-fund baby bound for an Ivy League education.

Ahenakew won't rejoin senate of First Nations group (SASKATCHEWAN) -- A former First Nations leader who was charged with a hate crime after making anti-Semitic comments in 2002 says he won't rejoin the senate of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations after all.

Activists plan protest of tribal leaders (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- Members of the Lakota Grass Roots Oyates of Eagle Butte are inviting others to join in a human rights demonstration to make changes for futures generations.

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