Saturday, April 5, 2008

G-105 radio host angers Native Americans

G-105 radio host angers Native Americans
By Danny Hooley, Staff writer

Bob Dumas of G-105 is in hot water again.

The host of the WDCG "Bob and the Showgram" morning show and his on-air crew angered members of North Carolina's Native American community with jokes during a broadcast on Tuesday.

In the radio segment, Dumas and co-hosts kidded an intern about her upcoming marriage to a Lumbee Indian. Dumas joked that Indians are "lazy" and that "a lot of Indians live on the reservation." He also asked whether the groom's grandfather would stand on the side of the road "with a single tear."

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Joesph said...

Anyone that does not know by station G105 in raleigh NC’s dj spent 15 minutes non stop stateing every kind of racist native American slang and sterotype I have heard anyone say in one sitting......even went as far as to call the Lumbee tribe is more stuff than I can type here!!!!

EVERYONE needs to go to the news station nbc 17’s website and watch the news broadcast from this week.

You can also go here and listen to the entire warned you will be very mad once you hear it....don’t say I did not warn you.

send messages to the station send complaints to the whatever to let these people know we are a strong united nation and are not going to take this kind of crap.

the radio station has a apology posted on their website right now but it is such a short and going no where apology that you can clearly see how it is NOT a apology.

Pass this information to everyone you know and lets LET THEM know WE are not going to allow this.

Please help support the ending of this radio station's evil acts.

Thank you and god bless,