Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Clinton finishes speech in Havre after meeting with legislators, tribal leaders (MONTANA) -- Prior to his speech in Havre, former President Bill Clinton met with state legislators and tribal officers from the Rocky Boy's, Fort Belknap and Blackfeet tribes.

Former president meets with tribal leaders in Havre (MONTANA) -- Former president Bill Clinton met with various tribal leaders during a meeting in Havre. Clinton was in Montana making campaign stops on behalf of his wife, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Former president touts Hillary Clinton to Hi-Line, reservation residents (MONTANA) -- At 5:15 a.m. Tuesday, with the sky still dark and the temperature barely edging into the teens, Frank Hayes placed himself squarely in front of the doors of the Armory on the windswept campus of Montana State University-Northern here. And waited - for four long and very cold hours.

Northern Arizona tribes speak out against uranium mining (ARIZONA) -- Despite assertions that uranium extraction is safer now than 50 years ago, some northern Arizona tribes and officials aren't willing to trust an industry they say hasn't taken responsibility for what it left behind during the last mining boom.

Snohomish Tribe's road to recognition faces uphill battle (WASHINGTON) -- For generations, American Indian descendents of the Snohomish Tribe have been given one option if they want to benefit from their Indian ancestry: enroll in the Tulalip Tribes.

Official: 200-Plus Rosebud Sioux Tribal Cases Dropped (SOUTH DAKOTA) -- More than 200 criminal cases have been dismissed in Rosebud Sioux tribal court because tribal police officers were not properly certified, a Rosebud Sioux official says. James Henry, a tribal council member, said many of the officers didn't have tribal police certification, starting about nine years ago.

DQU 'squatters' arrested again (CALIFORNIA) -- An "occupant" at D-Q University hides from Sheriff deputies atop a tree outside the school's main building. The woman refused to state her name or how long she planned on staying. She answered questions only by saying, "Koo-Koo, Koo-Koo." (Luke Gianni/Democrat) Sheriff deputies were back at D-Q University Monday morning and throughout the day to remove unauthorized occupants from the campus, again.

Obisidian Nation writer talks about arrest (CALIFORNIA) -- At 9:45 a.m. Monday, a large force of Yolo County Sheriffs stormed the buildings at DQ University, battering their way into the Hallway of the large dorm -backing each other with guns drawn, and arrested 17 students, community suppporters, and elders.

Former tribal officials plead not guilty (MAINE) -- A former Passamaquoddy tribal governor and the tribe’s ex-business manager pleaded not guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court to a 30-count indictment charging that they misappropriated more than $1.7 million in federal and tribal funds and lied about it to investigators and tribal members.

Jury deliberations enter second day in smoke shop trial (RHODE ISLAND) -- Jury deliberations are entering their second day in the trial of seven Narragansett Indians arrested during a 2003 state police raid on a tribal smoke shop.

"Older Than America" Is Hitting The Big Screen (MINNESOTA) -- The plotline of the movie involves the impact of the early 20th century American Indian Boarding School Experience on later generations. Director, Georgina Lightning's father attended a boarding school.

Premier, minister upset over Ahenakew reinstatement (SASKATCHEWAN) -- Saskatchewan's minister for First Nations and M├ętis relations says she's "appalled" that David Ahenakew has been reinstated as a senator with the province's most important First Nations group.

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